Commit 1830535c authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz

Make period of loop-random-int-form be adjustable.

Add ability to dump all trials to files, for easier debugging
of crasher bugs.

Add boole to generator/pruner.

Make the :kind field of eval errors contain a printed form
of the caught error.
parent b9d0211c
......@@ -52,6 +52,8 @@
(declaim (special *s1* *s2* *s3* *s4* *s5* *s6* *s7* *s8* *s9*))
(defparameter *loop-random-int-form-period* 2000)
(defun loop-random-int-forms (&optional (size 200) (nvars 3))
(unless (boundp '$x) (setq $x nil))
(unless (boundp '$y) (setq $y nil))
......@@ -60,7 +62,9 @@
(format t "~6D | " i)
(finish-output *standard-output*)
(let ((x (test-random-integer-forms size nvars 2000)))
(let ((x (test-random-integer-forms
size nvars *loop-random-int-form-period*
:index (* (1- i) *loop-random-int-form-period*))))
(when x
(setq $x (append $x x))
(setq x (prune-results x))
......@@ -92,7 +96,9 @@
(type t))
(defun test-random-integer-forms
(size nvars n &optional (*random-state* (make-random-state t)))
(size nvars n &key ((:random-state *random-state*) (make-random-state t))
(file-prefix "b")
(index 0))
"Generate random integer forms of size SIZE with NVARS variables.
Do this N times, returning all those on which a discrepancy
......@@ -112,7 +118,10 @@
;; #+sbcl (print "Do gc...")
;; #+sbcl (sb-ext::gc :full t)
(prin1 i) (princ " ") (finish-output *standard-output*))
nconc (let ((result (test-random-integer-form size nvars)))
nconc (let ((result (test-random-integer-form
size nvars
:index (+ index i)
:file-prefix file-prefix)))
(when result
(let ((*print-readably* t))
(format t "~%~A~%" (format nil "~S" (car result)))
......@@ -120,8 +129,9 @@
(defun test-random-integer-form
(size nvars &aux (vars (subseq '(a b c d e f g h i j k l m
n o p q r s u v w x y z) 0 nvars)))
(size nvars &key (index 0) (file-prefix "b")
&aux (vars (subseq '(a b c d e f g h i j k l m
n o p q r s u v w x y z) 0 nvars)))
(let* ((var-ranges (mapcar #'make-random-integer-range vars))
(var-types (mapcar #'(lambda (range)
(let ((lo (car range))
......@@ -149,14 +159,21 @@
(opt-decls-1 (make-random-optimize-settings))
(opt-decls-2 (make-random-optimize-settings)))
(when *print-immediately*
(print `(:vars ,vars
:var-types ,var-types
:vals-list ,vals-list
:decls1 ,opt-decls-1
:decls2 ,opt-decls-2
:form ,form))
;; (cl-user::gc)
(s (format nil "~A~A.lsp" file-prefix index)
:direction :output :if-exists :error)
(print `(defparameter *x*
'(:vars ,vars
:var-types ,var-types
:vals-list ,vals-list
:decls1 ,opt-decls-1
:decls2 ,opt-decls-2
:form ,form))
(print '(load "c.lsp") s)
(finish-output s))
;; (cl-user::gc)
(make-list 1000000) ;; try to trigger a gc
(test-int-form form vars var-types vals-list opt-decls-1 opt-decls-2)))
......@@ -371,6 +388,18 @@
(e2 (make-random-integer-form rightsize)))
`(,op ,e1 ,e2)))))
;; boole
(let* ((op (random-from-seq
#(boole-1 boole-2 boole-and boole-andc1 boole-andc2
boole-c1 boole-c2 boole-clr boole-eqv boole-ior boole-nand
boole-nor boole-orc1 boole-orc2 boole-set boole-xor))))
(destructuring-bind (leftsize rightsize)
(random-partition (- size 2) 2)
(let ((e1 (make-random-integer-form leftsize))
(e2 (make-random-integer-form rightsize)))
`(boole ,op ,e1 ,e2)))))
;; n-ary ops
(let* ((op (random-from-seq #(+ - * logand min max logior
......@@ -814,9 +843,8 @@
:decls2 opt-decls-2
(let ((*print-escape* t))
(prin1 c)))))))))
(prin1 c s))))))))
(let ((start-time (get-universal-time)))
(if *compile-using-defun*
......@@ -863,15 +891,19 @@
(identity ;; multiple-value-list
(apply unoptimized-compiled-fn vals))
((or error serious-condition)
(c) (declare (ignore c))
(%eval-error :unoptimized-form-error))))
(%eval-error (list :unoptimized-form-error
(s) (prin1 c s)))))))
(identity ;; multiple-value-list
(apply optimized-compiled-fn vals))
((or error serious-condition)
(c) (declare (ignore c))
(%eval-error :optimized-form-error)))))
(%eval-error (list :optimized-form-error
(s) (prin1 c s))))))))
(if (equal opt-result unopt-result)
......@@ -994,6 +1026,14 @@
(mapc try-fn args))
(prune-fn form try-fn))
(try (second args))
(try (third args))
(prune (second args)
#'(lambda (form) (try `(boole ,(first args) ,form ,(third args)))))
(prune (third args)
#'(lambda (form) (try `(boole ,(first args) ,(second args) ,form)))))
((unwind-protect prog1 multiple-value-prog1)
(try (first args))
(let ((val (first args))
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