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More TODOs

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......@@ -25,8 +25,6 @@ Things to do to the test suite (not a complete list)
12. Make sure all string operators work on displaced character vectors.
14. Finish testing DEFSETF
17. Tests that have an argument that provides a return value for special
conditions (like eof) that happens to be the same as a normal value the
functions would return (suggested by CR).
......@@ -104,3 +102,25 @@ Got: 0
34. (from C Rhodes) Test that CERROR allows additional arguments after a
condition designating itself to be used in the continue format control.
35. Add test to verify that a user-defined function, when called on the
wrong number of arguments in safe code, emits a program-error.
36. Add tests for bad default-initargs in object constructors.
37. Add tests that methods on initialize-instance and
shared-initialize receive defaulted initargs from compiled
38, Floating point tests must be expanded.
-- Add tests for the floating point inspection functions (decode-float, etc.)
-- Add tests of -0.0 vs. 0.0 consistency (a bug here affected abcl)
-- transcendantal functions
39. There are various constraints that things defined at the top level become
available at compile time. Test these constraints.
40, Check that OPEN, etc. do pathname merging.
41. Add tests for MOD, REM
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