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More tess, on the behavior with optional arguments.

parent a2e999cc
......@@ -127,6 +127,45 @@
(a nil)
(a b))
;;; When c-n-m is called with arguments but omits optionals, those
;;; optionals are defaulted
(defgeneric cnm-gf-09 (x &optional y)
(:method ((x integer) &optional y) (list* x y (call-next-method (1+ x))))
(:method ((x t) &optional y) (list x y)))
(deftest call-next-method.10
(cnm-gf-09 5)
(cnm-gf-09 8 'a)
(cnm-gf-09 'x)
(cnm-gf-09 'x 'y))
(5 nil 6 nil)
(8 a 9 nil)
(x nil)
(x y))
(defgeneric cnm-gf-10 (x &optional y z)
(:method ((x integer) &optional (y 'a y-p) (z 'b z-p))
(list* x y (notnot y-p) z (notnot z-p) (call-next-method (1+ x))))
(:method ((x t) &optional (y 'c y-p) (z 'd z-p))
(list x y (notnot y-p) z (notnot z-p))))
(deftest call-next-method.11
(cnm-gf-10 5)
(cnm-gf-10 8 'p)
(cnm-gf-10 8 'p 'q)
(cnm-gf-10 'x)
(cnm-gf-10 'x 'u)
(cnm-gf-10 'x 'u 'v))
(5 a nil b nil 6 c nil d nil)
(8 p t b nil 9 c nil d nil)
(8 p t q t 9 c nil d nil)
(x c nil d nil)
(x u t d nil)
(x u t v t))
;;; "When providing arguments to call-next-method, the following
;;; rule must be satisfied or an error of type error should be signaled:
;;; the ordered set of applicable methods for a changed set of arguments
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