Commit 2abc8510 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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And a failing test case for SBCL

parent 04ff8d92
......@@ -333,3 +333,18 @@
(subtypep* type1 type2)
(subtypep* `(not ,type2) `(not ,type1))))
nil nil)
;;; From SBCL
(deftest subtypep.cons.41
(let ((type1 '(cons t (complex (real -10 -4))))
(type2 '(not (cons t (complex (integer -200 -100))))))
(multiple-value-bind (sub1 success1)
(subtypep* type1 type2)
(multiple-value-bind (sub2 success2)
(subtypep* `(not ,type2) `(not ,type1))
(if (and success1 success2 (not (eq sub1 sub2)))
(values sub1 sub2)
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