Commit 2c4e6759 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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More tests of integer, float, and cons type inclusions.

parent 2506e421
......@@ -228,6 +228,25 @@
(check-equivalence '(integer * (11)) '(integer * 10))
(deftest subtypep.integer.25
'(and (or (integer 0 10) (integer 20 30))
(or (integer 5 15) (integer 25 35)))
'(or (integer 5 10) (integer 25 30)))
(deftest subtypep.integer.26
'(and (integer 0 10) (integer 5 15))
'(integer 5 10))
(deftest subtypep.integer.27
'(or (integer 0 10) (integer 5 15))
'(integer 0 15))
(deftest subtypep.float.1
......@@ -325,6 +344,55 @@
(subtypep* '(long-float 0.0l0 10.0l0) '(long-float 0.0l0 11.0l0))
t t)
(deftest subtypep.float.12
(subtypep* '(short-float 0.0s0 11.0s0) '(short-float 0.0s0 10.0s0))
nil t)
(deftest subtypep.float.13
(subtypep* '(single-float 0.0f0 11.0f0) '(single-float 0.0f0 10.0f0))
nil t)
(deftest subtypep.float.14
(subtypep* '(double-float 0.0d0 11.0d0) '(double-float 0.0d0 10.0d0))
nil t)
(deftest subtypep.float.15
(subtypep* '(long-float 0.0l0 11.0l0) '(long-float 0.0l0 10.0l0))
nil t)
(deftest subtypep.float.16
(subtypep* '(short-float 0.0s0 (10.0s0)) '(short-float 0.0s0 10.0s0))
t t)
(deftest subtypep.float.17
(subtypep* '(single-float 0.0f0 (10.0f0)) '(single-float 0.0f0 10.0f0))
t t)
(deftest subtypep.float.18
(subtypep* '(double-float 0.0d0 (10.0d0)) '(double-float 0.0d0 10.0d0))
t t)
(deftest subtypep.float.19
(subtypep* '(long-float 0.0l0 (10.0l0)) '(long-float 0.0l0 10.0l0))
t t)
(deftest subtypep.float.20
(subtypep* '(short-float 0.0s0 10.0s0) '(short-float 0.0s0 (10.0s0)))
nil t)
(deftest subtypep.float.21
(subtypep* '(single-float 0.0f0 10.0f0) '(single-float 0.0f0 (10.0f0)))
nil t)
(deftest subtypep.float.22
(subtypep* '(double-float 0.0d0 10.0d0) '(double-float 0.0d0 (10.0d0)))
nil t)
(deftest subtypep.float.23
(subtypep* '(long-float 0.0l0 10.0l0) '(long-float 0.0l0 (10.0l0)))
nil t)
;;; SUBTYPEP on CONS types
(defvar *cons-types*
......@@ -360,6 +428,13 @@
'(cons (integer 5 10) (integer 15 20)))
(deftest subtypep.cons.5
'(and cons (not (cons symbol symbol)))
'(or (cons (not symbol) *)
(cons * (not symbol))))
;;; SUBTYPEP on MEMBER types
(deftest subtypep.member.1
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