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Expanded comment explaining a potentially problematic test.

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......@@ -118,8 +118,15 @@
;;; Error cases
;;; According to the spec, it is a program-error for any variable to be bound
;;; more than once in loop clauses in the same loop form.
;;; The spec says (in section that:
;;; "An error of type program-error is signaled (at macro expansion time)
;;; if the same variable is bound twice in any variable-binding clause
;;; of a single loop expression. Such variables include local variables,
;;; iteration control variables, and variables found by destructuring."
;;; This is somewhat ambiguous. Test loop.8.error.1 binds A twice in
;;; the same clause, but loop.8.error.2 binds A in two different clauses.
;;; I am interpreting the spec as ruling out the latter as well.
(deftest loop.8.error.1
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