Commit 44ac5fed authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Another error-producing class redefinition tests.

parent 13f6009b
......@@ -190,3 +190,16 @@
(eval '(defclass class-0307b (class-0307a) ((a :initform 'x))))
(slot-value (make-instance 'class-0307b) 'a))
(deftest class-0308.1
(setf (find-class 'class-0308a) nil
(find-class 'class-0308b) nil)
(eval '(defclass class-0308a () ()))
(eval '(defclass class-0308b (class-0308a) (a)))
(eval '(defclass class-0308a () ((a :initarg :a))))
(eval '(defclass class-0308b (class-0308a) ()))
(slot-value (make-instance 'class-0308b :a 'x) 'a))
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