Commit 45d609d2 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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More generic function tracing tests

parent e108cd9d
......@@ -161,8 +161,25 @@
(assert (null (generic-function-to-trace 'a 'b))))
(assert (equal (trace) '(generic-function-to-trace)))
(untrace generic-function-to-trace)
(untrace generic-function-to-trace)
(assert (null (trace)))))
(declaim (notinline generic-function-to-trace2))
(deftest trace.15
(let* ((gf (defgeneric generic-function-to-trace2 (x y)))
(m (defmethod generic-function-to-trace2 ((x integer)(y integer))
(defmethod generic-function-to-trace2 ((x symbol)(y symbol)) :bar)
(assert (eql (generic-function-to-trace2 1 2) :foo))
(assert (eql (generic-function-to-trace2 'a 'b) :bar))
(trace generic-function-to-trace2)
(assert (equal (trace) '(generic-function-to-trace2)))
(remove-method gf m)
(prog1 (trace) (untrace))))
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