Commit 4e5af1e5 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz

More tests of disassemble, for extended function designators and generic functions.

parent eeb9687b
......@@ -49,3 +49,33 @@
(compile name)
(disassemble-it name))
t nil)
(defun (setf disassemble-example-fn) (val arg)
(setf (car arg) val))
(deftest disassemble.8
(eval '(defun (setf disassemble-example-fn) (val arg)
(setf (car arg) val)))
(disassemble-it '(setf disassemble-example-fn)))
t nil)
(deftest disassemble.9
(eval '(defgeneric disassemble-example-fn2 (x y z)))
(disassemble-it 'disassemble-example-fn2))
t nil)
(deftest disassemble.10
(eval '(defgeneric disassemble-example-fn3 (x y z)))
(eval '(defmethod disassemble-example-fn3 ((x t)(y t)(z t)) (list x y z)))
(disassemble-it 'disassemble-example-fn3))
t nil)
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