Commit 578d0dcb authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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More tests, of initargs and initforms.

parent 335ae3a5
......@@ -241,6 +241,18 @@
(s1 c)))
t nil x)
(deftest class-07.10
(let ((c (make-instance 'class-07 :s1a 'x :s2 'y :allow-other-keys nil)))
(values (s1 c) (s2 c)))
x y)
(deftest class-07.11
(let ((c (make-instance 'class-07 :s1a 'a :s2 'b :garbage 'z
:allow-other-keys t)))
(values (s1 c) (s2 c)))
a b)
(declaim (special *class-08-s2-initvar*))
......@@ -345,6 +357,28 @@
(slot-value (make-instance 'class-12 :s1 'y) 's1)
(defclass class-13 ()
((s1 :allocation :class :initarg :s1)))
(deftest class-13.1
(let ((c1 (make-instance 'class-13))
(c2 (make-instance 'class-13 :s1 'foo)))
(slot-value c1 's1)
(slot-value c1 's1)))
foo foo)
(defclass class-14 ()
((s1 :initarg nil :reader s1)))
(deftest class-14.1
(let ((c (make-instance 'class-14 nil 'x)))
(s1 c))
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