Commit 5f651ec5 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Add documentation tests

parent 8d5dc369
......@@ -273,6 +273,26 @@
((lambda (&aux (y x)) (declare (special x)) y))))
(deftest lambda.55
(let* ((doc "LMB55")
(fn (eval `#'(lambda () ,doc nil)))
(cfn (compile nil fn)))
(or (documentation fn t) doc)
(or (documentation cfn t) doc)))
(deftest lambda.56
(let* ((doc "LMB56")
(fn (eval `#'(lambda () ,doc nil)))
(cfn (compile nil fn)))
(or (documentation fn 'function) doc)
(or (documentation cfn 'function) doc)))
;;; Tests of lambda as a macro
(deftest lambda.macro.1
......@@ -283,6 +303,8 @@
(funcall (eval (macroexpand '(lambda () 10))))
;;; Error tests
(deftest lambda.error.1
(signals-error (funcall (macro-function 'lambda))
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