Commit 6188ab1a authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Another sbcl test related to type proapgation on complex numbers

parent 2b62eff8
......@@ -9825,3 +9825,64 @@ Broken at C::WT-MAKE-CLOSURE.
(unless (eql expected actual)
(list expected actual))))
;;; cmucl (Jan 2005 snapshot)
;;; Segmentation fault
(deftest misc.530
(let* ((v (make-array
'(11) :element-type 'double-float
'(56826.586316245484d0 -57680.53641925701d0 68651.27735979737d0
30934.627728043164d0 47252.736017400945d0 35129.46986219467d0
-57804.412938803005d0 13000.374416975968d0 50263.681826551256d0
89386.08276072948d0 -89508.77479231959d0)))
`(lambda (r)
(declare (optimize speed (safety 1))
(type (simple-array t nil) r))
(setf (aref r)
(array-has-fill-pointer-p ,v))))
(r (make-array nil)))
(funcall (compile nil form) r)
(eqlt (aref r) (array-has-fill-pointer-p v)))
;;; gcl
;;; Problem with 0-dim char arrays
;;; Produces wrong return value (#\\320).
(deftest misc.532
(let ((r (make-array nil :element-type 'base-char)))
'(lambda (r c)
(declare (optimize speed (safety 1))
(type (simple-array base-char nil) r)
(type base-char c))
(setf (aref r) c)
r #\Z)
(aref r))
;;; sbcl
;;; Bound is not *, a INTEGER or a list of a INTEGER: -51494/29889
(deftest misc.533
(let* ((r (make-array nil))
(c #c(208 -51494/29889))
(form `(lambda (r p1)
(declare (optimize speed (safety 1))
(type (simple-array t nil) r)
(type number p1))
(setf (aref r) (+ (the (eql ,c) p1) -319284))
(fn (compile nil form)))
(funcall fn r c)
(eqlt (aref r) (+ -319284 c)))
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