Commit 64e09bb8 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Added more structure tests.

parent ad6c20d0
......@@ -202,11 +202,28 @@
;;; List and vector structures
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-37 (:type list)) a37 b37 c37)
(deftest structure-37-1
(equalt (make-struct-test-37 :a37 1 :b37 2 :c37 4)
'(1 2 4))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-38 (:type list) :named) a38 b38 c38)
(deftest structure-38-1
(equalt (make-struct-test-38 :a38 11 :b38 12 :c38 4)
'(struct-test-38 11 12 4))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-39 (:predicate nil)
(:type list) :named)
a39 b39 c39)
(deftest structure-39-1
(equalt (make-struct-test-39 :a39 11 :b39 12 :c39 4)
'(struct-test-39 11 12 4))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-40 (:type vector)) a40 b40)
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-41 (:type vector) :named) a41 b41)
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-42 (:type (vector t))) a42 b42)
......@@ -215,3 +232,95 @@
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-44 (:type list))
(a44 0 :type integer)
(b44 'a :type symbol))
;;; Confirm that the defined structure types are all disjoint
(deftest structs-are-disjoint
(loop for s1 in *defstruct-with-tests-names*
sum (loop for s2 in *defstruct-with-tests-names*
unless (eq s1 s2)
count (not (equalt (multiple-value-list
(subtypep* s1 s2))
'(nil t)))))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-45 (:type list) (:initial-offset 2))
a45 b45)
(deftest structure-45-1
(make-struct-test-45 :a45 1 :b45 2)
(nil nil 1 2))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-46 (:type list)
(:include struct-test-45))
c46 d46)
(deftest structure-46-1
(make-struct-test-46 :a45 1 :b45 2 :c46 3 :d46 4)
(nil nil 1 2 3 4))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-47 (:type list)
(:initial-offset 3)
(:include struct-test-45))
c47 d47)
(deftest structure-47-1
(make-struct-test-47 :a45 1 :b45 2 :c47 3 :d47 4)
(nil nil 1 2 nil nil nil 3 4))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-48 (:type list)
(:initial-offset 0)
(:include struct-test-45))
c48 d48)
(deftest structure-48-1
(make-struct-test-48 :a45 1 :b45 2 :c48 3 :d48 4)
(nil nil 1 2 3 4))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-49 (:type (vector bit)))
(a49 0 :type bit)
(b49 0 :type bit))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-50 (:type (vector character)))
(a50 #\g :type character)
(b50 #\k :type character))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-51 (:type (vector (integer 0 255))))
(a51 17 :type (integer 0 255))
(b51 25 :type (integer 0 255)))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-52 (:type vector)
(:initial-offset 0))
a52 b52)
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-53 (:type vector)
(:initial-offset 5))
a53 b53)
(deftest structure-53-1
(equal-array (make-struct-test-53 :a53 10 :b53 'a)
#(nil nil nil nil nil 10 a))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-54 (:type vector)
(:initial-offset 2)
(:include struct-test-53))
a54 b54)
(deftest structure-54-1
(equal-array (make-struct-test-54 :a53 8 :b53 'g :a54 10 :b54 'a)
#(nil nil nil nil nil 8 g nil nil 10 a))
(defstruct-with-tests (struct-test-55 (:type list)
(:initial-offset 2)
a55 b55 c55)
(deftest structure-55-1
(make-struct-test-55 :a55 'p :c55 'q)
(nil nil struct-test-55 p nil q))
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