Commit 75b62cfd authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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More test fixups due to (array nil)s are strings.

parent 26da172a
......@@ -620,15 +620,14 @@ the condition to go uncaught if it cannot be classified."
(reader-error parse-error)
(reader-error stream-error)
(when (subtypep* 'character 'base-char)
(setq table
'((character base-char)
(string base-string)
(simple-string simple-base-string))
;; (string base-string)
;; (simple-string simple-base-string)
......@@ -106,17 +106,17 @@
(subtypep* '(vector character) 'string)
t t)
(deftest string-is-vector-of-character.3
(deftest string-is-not-vector-of-character.3
(subtypep* '(string *) '(vector character))
t t)
nil t)
(deftest string-is-vector-of-character.4
(subtypep* '(vector character) '(string *))
t t)
(deftest string-is-vector-of-character.5
(deftest string-is-not-vector-of-character.5
(subtypep* '(string 17) '(vector character 17))
t t)
nil t)
(deftest string-is-vector-of-character.6
(subtypep* '(vector character 17) '(string 17))
......@@ -170,23 +170,23 @@
(subtypep* '(simple-array base-char (17)) '(simple-base-string 17))
t t)
(deftest simple-string-is-simple-1d-array-of-character.1
(deftest simple-string-is-not-simple-1d-array-of-character.1
(subtypep* 'simple-string '(simple-array character (*)))
t t)
nil t)
(deftest simple-string-is-simple-1d-array-of-character.2
(subtypep* '(simple-array character (*)) 'simple-string)
t t)
(deftest simple-string-is-simple-1d-array-of-character.3
(deftest simple-string-is-not-simple-1d-array-of-character.3
(subtypep* '(simple-string *) '(simple-array character (*)))
t t)
nil t)
(deftest simple-string-is-simple-1d-array-of-character.4
(subtypep* '(simple-array character (*)) '(simple-string *))
t t)
(deftest simple-string-is-simple-1d-array-of-character.5
(deftest simple-string-is-not-simple-1d-array-of-character.5
(subtypep* '(simple-string 17) '(simple-array character (17)))
nil t)
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