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Initial checkin of a test generator that produces random legal integer forms.

parent 70a249f0
......@@ -18,6 +18,11 @@
,@(loop for i from 0 for e in cases collect `(,i ,e))
(t (error "Can't happen?! (in random-case)~%")))))
(defun random-from-interval (lo hi)
"Generate random value from interval [lo,hi)"
(assert (> hi lo))
(+ (random (- hi lo)) lo))
(defun coin (&optional (n 2))
"Flip an n-sided coin."
(eql (random n) 0))
;-*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;;; Author: Paul Dietz
;;;; Created: Wed Sep 10 18:03:52 2003
;;;; Contains: Simple randon form generator/tester
(in-package :cl-test)
(compile-and-load "random-aux.lsp")
;;; This file contains a routine for generating random legal Common Lisp functions
;;; for differential testing.
;;; To run the random tests by themselves, start a lisp in the ansi-tests directory
;;; and do the following:
;;; (load "gclload1.lsp")
;;; (compile-and-load "random-int-form.lsp")
;;; (in-package :cl-test)
;;; (let ((*random-state* (make-random-state t)))
;;; (test-random-integer-forms 100 4 10000)) ;; or other parameters
;;; If a test breaks during testing the variables *optimized-fn-src*,
;;; *unoptimized-fn-src*, and *int-form-vals* can be used to get the source
;;; of the optimized/unoptimized lambda forms being compiled, and the arguments
;;; on which they are called.
;;; If a difference is found between optimized/unoptimized functions the forms,
;;; values, and results are collected. A list of all these discrepancies is returned
;;; after testing finishes (assuming nothing breaks).
;;; The rctest/ subdirectory contains fragments of a more OO random form generator
;;; that will eventually replace this preliminary effort.
(declaim (special *optimized-fn-src* *unoptimized-fn-src* *int-form-vals*))
(defun test-random-integer-forms (size nvars n)
"Generate random integer forms of size SIZE with NVARS variables.
Do this N times, returning all those on which a discrepancy
is found between optimized and nonoptimize, notinlined code."
(assert (integerp nvars))
(assert (<= 1 nvars 26))
(assert (and (integerp n) (plusp n)))
(assert (and (integerp n) (plusp size)))
(loop for i from 1 to n
do (princ ".") (finish-output *standard-output*)
nconc (test-random-integer-form size nvars)))
(defun test-random-integer-form
(size nvars &aux (vars (subseq '(a b c d e f g h i j k l m
n o p q r s t u v w x y z) 0 nvars)))
(let* ((form (make-random-integer-form size vars))
(var-ranges (mapcar #'make-random-integer-range vars))
(var-types (mapcar #'(lambda (range)
`(integer ,(car range) ,(cadr range)))
`(lambda ,vars (declare ,@(mapcar #'(lambda (tp var)
`(type ,tp ,var))
var-types vars)
(ignorable ,@vars)
(optimize #+cmu (extensions:inhibit-warnings 3)
(speed 3) (safety 1) (debug 1)))
`(lambda ,vars
(declare (notinline ,@(fn-symbols-in-form form))
(optimize #+cmu (extensions:inhibit-warnings 3)
(safety 3) (speed 0) (debug 3))
(ignorable ,@vars))
(setq *optimized-fn-src* optimized-fn-src
*unoptimized-fn-src* unoptimized-fn-src)
(#+sbcl handler-bind
#+sbcl ((sb-ext::compiler-note #'muffle-warning))
#-sbcl progn
(let ((optimized-compiled-fn (compile nil optimized-fn-src))
(unoptimized-compiled-fn (compile nil unoptimized-fn-src)))
(dotimes (i 20 nil)
(let ((vals
(mapcar #'(lambda (range)
(let ((lo (car range))
(hi (cadr range)))
(random-from-interval lo (1+ hi))))
(setq *int-form-vals* vals)
(let ((opt-result (apply unoptimized-compiled-fn vals))
(unopt-result (apply optimized-compiled-fn vals)))
(if (equal opt-result unopt-result)
(return (list (list vars vals
(defun fn-symbols-in-form (form)
"Return a list of the distinct standardized lisp function
symbols occuring ing FORM. These are used to generate a NOTINLINE
declaration for the unoptimized form."
(remove-duplicates (fn-symbols-in-form* form) :test #'eq)
(defun fn-symbols-in-form* (form)
(when (consp form)
(if (symbolp (car form))
(cons (car form) (mapcan #'fn-symbols-in-form* (cdr form)))
(mapcan #'fn-symbols-in-form* form))))
(defun make-random-integer-range (var)
"Generate a list (LO HI) of integers, LO <= HI. This is used
for generating integer types."
(declare (ignore var))
(flet ((%r () (let ((r (ash 1 (1+ (random 32)))))
(- (random r) (floor (/ r 2))))))
(let ((x (%r))
(y (%r)))
(list (min x y) (max x y)))))
(defun make-random-integer-form (size vars)
"Generate a random legal lisp form of size SIZE (roughly). VARS
is a list of variable symbols that contain integers."
(if (<= size 1)
;; Leaf node -- generate a variable or constant
(if (= (random 2) 0)
(let ((r (ash 1 (1+ (random 32)))))
(- (random r) (floor (/ r 2))))
(random-from-seq vars))
;; (> size 1)
(ecase (random 7)
;; Unary ops
((0 1)
(let ((op (random-from-seq '(- abs signum 1+ 1- identity
integer-length logcount))))
`(,op ,(make-random-integer-form (1- size) vars))))
;; Binary op
((2 3 4 5)
(let* ((op (random-from-seq
'(+ - * logand min max ;; gcd lcm
logandc1 logandc2 logeqv logior lognand lognor logorc1
logorc2 logxor)))
(leftsize (random size)))
`(,op ,(make-random-integer-form leftsize vars)
,(make-random-integer-form (- size 1 leftsize) vars))))
;; conditionals
(let* ((cond-size (random (max 1 (floor size 2))))
(then-size (random (- size cond-size)))
(else-size (- size 1 cond-size then-size))
(pred (make-random-pred-form cond-size vars))
(then-part (make-random-integer-form then-size vars))
(else-part (make-random-integer-form else-size vars)))
`(if ,pred ,then-part ,else-part)))
(defun make-random-pred-form (size vars)
(if (<= size 1)
(ecase (random 3)
(0 (if (coin) t nil))
((1 2)
`(,(random-from-seq '(< <= = > >= /=))
,(make-random-integer-form size vars)
,(make-random-integer-form size vars))))
(ecase (random 5)
(0 (if (coin) t nil))
(1 `(not ,(make-random-pred-form (1- size) vars)))
(2 (let* ((leftsize (random size))
(rightsize (- size 1 leftsize)))
`(,(random-from-seq '(and or))
,(make-random-pred-form leftsize vars)
,(make-random-pred-form rightsize vars))))
(3 (let* ((leftsize (random size))
(rightsize (- size 1 leftsize)))
`(,(random-from-seq '(< <= > >= = /=))
,(make-random-integer-form leftsize vars)
,(make-random-integer-form rightsize vars))))
(4 (let* ((cond-size (random (max 1 (floor size 2))))
(then-size (random (- size cond-size)))
(else-size (- size 1 cond-size then-size))
(pred (make-random-pred-form cond-size vars))
(then-part (make-random-pred-form then-size vars))
(else-part (make-random-pred-form else-size vars)))
`(if ,pred ,then-part ,else-part)))
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