Commit 804f2b8e authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Added tests for free declarations in macrolet

parent 0c85f05e
......@@ -420,5 +420,26 @@
(macrolet () (expand-in-current-env (%m :good))))
;;; Free declarations in macrolet
(deftest macrolet.47
(let ((x :good))
(declare (special x))
(let ((x :bad))
(macrolet () (declare (special x)) x)))
(deftest macrolet.48
(let ((x :good))
(let ((y :bad))
(macrolet () (declare (ignore y)) x)))
(deftest macrolet.49
(let ((x :good))
(let ((y :bad))
(macrolet () (declare (ignorable y)) x)))
;;; TODO: more special declarations for other macrolet arguments
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