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Begin adding tests for define-method-combination; add some cleanup tests for class-name.

parent b7b69194
;-*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;;; Author: Paul Dietz
;;;; Created: Sun Jun 15 12:05:47 2003
;;;; Contains: Tests of CLASS-NAME
(in-package :cl-test)
;;; This is mostly tested elsewhere.
(deftest class-name.1
(class-name (find-class 'symbol))
(defclass class-name-class-01 () (a b c))
(defmethod class-name ((x class-name-class-01)) 'silly)
(deftest class-name.2
(class-name (make-instance 'class-name-class-01))
;; Tests of (setf class-name)
(deftest setf-class-name.1
(typep* #'(setf class-name) 'standard-generic-function)
(deftest class-name.error.1
(classify-error (class-name))
(deftest class-name.error.2
(classify-error (class-name (find-class 'symbol) nil))
;-*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;;; Author: Paul Dietz
;;;; Created: Sun Jun 15 10:49:39 2003
(in-package :cl-test)
(define-method-combination times
:documentation "Multiplicative method combination, version 1"
:operator *)
(defgeneric dmc-gf-01 (x) (:method-combination times))
(defmethod dmc-gf-01 times ((x integer)) 2)
(defmethod dmc-gf-01 times ((x rational)) 3)
(defmethod dmc-gf-01 times ((x real)) 5)
(defmethod dmc-gf-01 times ((x number)) 7)
(defmethod dmc-gf-01 times ((x complex)) 11)
(deftest define-method-combination-01.1
(dmc-gf-01 1)
(dmc-gf-01 1/2)
(dmc-gf-01 1.0)
(dmc-gf-01 #c(1 2)))
210 105 35 77)
(deftest define-method-combination-01.2
(eval '(locally (declare (optimize (safety 3)))
(dmc-gf-01 'x)))
(error () :good))
(defgeneric dmc-gf-02 (x) (:method-combination times))
(defmethod dmc-gf-02 times ((x integer)) 2)
(defmethod dmc-gf-02 :around ((x rational)) (1- (call-next-method)))
(defmethod dmc-gf-02 times ((x real)) 3)
(defmethod dmc-gf-02 times ((x number)) 5)
(defmethod dmc-gf-02 :around ((x (eql 1.0s0))) 1)
(deftest define-method-combination-02.1
(dmc-gf-02 1)
(dmc-gf-02 1/3)
(dmc-gf-02 1.0s0)
(dmc-gf-02 13.0)
(dmc-gf-02 #c(1 2)))
29 14 1 15 5)
(defgeneric dmc-gf-03 (x) (:method-combination times))
(deftest define-method-combination-03.1
(eval '(defmethod dmc-gf-03 ((x integer)) t))
(error () :good))
(deftest define-method-combination-03.2
(eval '(defmethod dmc-gf-03 :before ((x cons)) t))
(error () :good))
(deftest define-method-combination-03.3
(eval '(defmethod dmc-gf-03 :after ((x symbol)) t))
(error () :good))
......@@ -48,6 +48,8 @@
(load "next-method-p.lsp")
(load "call-next-method.lsp")
(load "compute-applicable-methods.lsp")
(load "define-method-combination.lsp")
(load "find-method.lsp")
(load "add-method.lsp")
(load "unbound-slot.lsp")
(load "class-name.lsp")
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