Commit 8968f2cd authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Change setf-getf.order.2 so values on failure are more informative

parent a6940e07
......@@ -154,22 +154,14 @@
(setf z (incf i)))
(progn (setf w (incf i)) 3))
;; Must check that only a, b, c have properties
(eqlt i 4)
(eqlt x 1)
(eqlt y 2)
(eqlt z 3)
(eqlt w 4)
(eqlt (getf (car p) 'a) 1)
(eqlt (getf (car p) 'b) 2)
(eqlt (getf (car p) 'c) 3)
for ptr on (car p) by #'cddr count
(not (member (car ptr) '(a b c))))
i x y z w
(getf (car p) 'a)
(getf (car p) 'b)
(getf (car p) 'c)
(loop for ptr on (car p) by #'cddr count
(not (member (car ptr) '(a b c))))))
4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 0)
(deftest incf-getf.1
(let ((p (copy-list '(a 1 b 2))))
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