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More BOA constructor tests.

parent 432e51c8
......@@ -938,3 +938,8 @@ the condition to go uncaught if it cannot be classified."
(defun safe-elt (x n)
(classify-error* (elt x n)))
(defmacro defstruct* (&body args)
`(eval-when (load eval compile)
(defstruct ,@args))))
......@@ -7,13 +7,14 @@
(defun sbt-slots (sname s &rest slots)
(loop for slotname in slots collect
(let ((fun (intern (concatenate 'string (string sname) "-" (string slotname))
(let ((fun (intern (concatenate 'string (string sname)
"-" (string slotname))
(funcall (symbol-function fun) s))))
;;; See the DEFSTRUCT page, and section 3.4.6 (Boa Lambda Lists)
(defstruct (sbt-01 (:constructor sbt-01-con (b a c)))
(defstruct* (sbt-01 (:constructor sbt-01-con (b a c)))
a b c)
(deftest structure-boa-test-01/1
......@@ -23,7 +24,7 @@
(sbt-01-c s)))
2 1 3)
(defstruct (sbt-02 (:constructor sbt-02-con (a b c))
(defstruct* (sbt-02 (:constructor sbt-02-con (a b c))
(:constructor sbt-02-con-2 (a b))
(:constructor sbt-02-con-3 ()))
(a 'x) (b 'y) (c 'z))
......@@ -51,7 +52,7 @@
;;; &optional in BOA LL
(defstruct (sbt-03 (:constructor sbt-03-con (a b &optional c)))
(defstruct* (sbt-03 (:constructor sbt-03-con (a b &optional c)))
c b a)
(deftest structure-boa-test-03/1
......@@ -65,7 +66,7 @@
1 2 3)
(defstruct (sbt-04 (:constructor sbt-04-con (a b &optional c)))
(defstruct* (sbt-04 (:constructor sbt-04-con (a b &optional c)))
(c nil) b (a nil))
(deftest structure-boa-test-04/1
......@@ -79,7 +80,7 @@
1 2 4)
(defstruct (sbt-05 (:constructor sbt-05-con (&optional a b c)))
(defstruct* (sbt-05 (:constructor sbt-05-con (&optional a b c)))
(c 1) (b 2) (a 3))
(deftest structure-boa-test-05/1
......@@ -103,7 +104,7 @@
x y z)
(defstruct (sbt-06 (:constructor sbt-06-con (&optional (a 'p) (b 'q) (c 'r))))
(defstruct* (sbt-06 (:constructor sbt-06-con (&optional (a 'p) (b 'q) (c 'r))))
(c 1) (b 2) (a 3))
(deftest structure-boa-test-06/1
......@@ -129,7 +130,7 @@
;;; Test presence flag in optional parameters
(defstruct (sbt-07 (:constructor sbt-07-con
(defstruct* (sbt-07 (:constructor sbt-07-con
(&optional (a 'p a-p) (b 'q b-p) (c 'r c-p)
&aux (d (list (notnot a-p)
(notnot b-p)
......@@ -155,28 +156,24 @@
;;; Keyword arguments
(eval-when (compile load eval)
(defstruct (sbt-08 (:constructor sbt-08-con
(&key ((foo a)))))
(defstruct* (sbt-08 (:constructor sbt-08-con
(&key ((foo a)))))
(deftest structure-boa-test-08/1
(sbt-slots 'sbt-08 (sbt-08-con :foo 10) :a)
(eval-when (compile load eval)
(defstruct (sbt-09 (:constructor sbt-09-con
(&key (a 'p a-p)
((x b) 'q)
(c 'r)
((y e))
((z f) 's z-p)
&aux (g (list (notnot a-p)
(notnot z-p))))))
a b c d e f g)))
(defstruct* (sbt-09 (:constructor sbt-09-con
(&key (a 'p a-p)
((x b) 'q)
(c 'r)
((y e))
((z f) 's z-p)
&aux (g (list (notnot a-p)
(notnot z-p))))))
a b c d e f g)
(deftest structure-boa-test-09/1
(sbt-slots 'sbt-09 (sbt-09-con) :a :b :c :f :g)
......@@ -206,7 +203,107 @@
(sbt-slots 'sbt-09 (sbt-09-con :z 1) :a :b :c :f :g)
(p q r 1 (nil t)))
;;; Aux variable overriding a default value
(defstruct* (sbt-10 (:constructor sbt-10-con (&aux (a 10)
(b (1+ a)))))
(a 1) (b 2))
(deftest structure-boa-test-10/1
(sbt-slots 'sbt-10 (sbt-10-con) :a :b)
(10 11))
;;; Aux variables with no value
(defstruct* (sbt-11 (:constructor sbt-11-con (&aux a b)))
a (b 0 :type integer))
(deftest structure-boa-test-11/1
(let ((s (sbt-11-con)))
(setf (sbt-11-a s) 'p)
(setf (sbt-11-b s) 10)
(sbt-slots 'sbt-11 s :a :b))
(p 10))
;;; Arguments that correspond to no slots
(defstruct* (sbt-12 (:constructor sbt-12-con (a &optional (b 1)
&rest c
&aux (d (list a b c)))))
(deftest structure-boa-12/1
(sbt-12-d (sbt-12-con 'x))
(x 1 nil))
(deftest structure-boa-12/2
(sbt-12-d (sbt-12-con 'x 'y))
(x y nil))
(deftest structure-boa-12/3
(sbt-12-d (sbt-12-con 'x 'y 1 2 3))
(x y (1 2 3)))
(defstruct* (sbt-13 (:constructor sbt-13-con
(&key (a 1) (b 2) c &aux (d (list a b c)))))
(deftest structure-boa-test-13/1
(sbt-13-d (sbt-13-con))
(1 2 nil))
(deftest structure-boa-test-13/2
(sbt-13-d (sbt-13-con :a 10))
(10 2 nil))
(deftest structure-boa-test-13/3
(sbt-13-d (sbt-13-con :b 10))
(1 10 nil))
(deftest structure-boa-test-13/4
(sbt-13-d (sbt-13-con :c 10))
(1 2 10))
(deftest structure-boa-test-13/5
(sbt-13-d (sbt-13-con :c 10 :a 3))
(3 2 10))
(deftest structure-boa-test-13/6
(sbt-13-d (sbt-13-con :c 10 :b 3))
(1 3 10))
(deftest structure-boa-test-13/7
(sbt-13-d (sbt-13-con :a 10 :b 3))
(10 3 nil))
(deftest structure-boa-test-13/8
(sbt-13-d (sbt-13-con :a 10 :c 'a :b 3))
(10 3 a))
;;; Allow other keywords
(defstruct* (sbt-14 (:constructor sbt-14-con (&key a b c &allow-other-keys)))
(a 1) (b 2) (c 3))
(deftest structure-boa-test-14/1
(sbt-slots 'sbt-14 (sbt-14-con) :a :b :c)
(1 2 3))
(deftest structure-boa-test-14/2
(sbt-slots 'sbt-14 (sbt-14-con :a 9) :a :b :c)
(9 2 3))
(deftest structure-boa-test-14/3
(sbt-slots 'sbt-14 (sbt-14-con :b 9) :a :b :c)
(1 9 3))
(deftest structure-boa-test-14/4
(sbt-slots 'sbt-14 (sbt-14-con :c 9) :a :b :c)
(1 2 9))
(deftest structure-boa-test-14/5
(sbt-slots 'sbt-14 (sbt-14-con :d 9) :a :b :c)
(1 2 3))
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