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more array tests for gcl;axe clcs-error-set;broaden fast-link checking...

more array tests for gcl;axe clcs-error-set;broaden fast-link checking types;axe cmp-array-element-type;c1array-element-type;fboundp-expander;redo sequence-type-element-type;tighter two-tp-inf;faster make-info;function-lambda-expression in disassemble;boundp,symbol-package,symbol-value,symbol-function, and fboundp inlines;exclude and,or,not from portable-source expansion;stack_cons macro;speedup add-hash and clear-compiler-properties;faster search;tighter returns on search,position,count,mismatch;underflow errors with C optimization;boundp,symbol-package,symbol-value,symbol-function, array-element-type and fboundp fastlinks
parent 5bcdd9c5
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
((not (typep a `(array ,element-type *)))
; #-gcl
((not (typep a `(array ,element-type ,rank)))
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