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Fixed problems in disjoint type list; do not include BIGNUM or EXTENDED-CHAR...

Fixed problems in disjoint type list; do not include BIGNUM or EXTENDED-CHAR if they are empty types, since check-disjointness assumes non-emptyness.  Added EQL types.
parent 71c7ae30
......@@ -139,6 +139,9 @@ Results: ~A~%" expected-number form n results))))
;;; Check that the subtype relationships implied
;;; by disjointness are not contradicted. Return NIL
;;; if ok, or a list of error messages if not.
;;; Assumes the types are nonempty.
(defun check-disjointness (type1 type2)
(remove 'nil
......@@ -156,7 +159,7 @@ Results: ~A~%" expected-number form n results))))
(check-subtypep type1 `(or (not ,type2) ,type1) t)
(check-subtypep type2 `(or ,type2 (not ,type1)) t)
(check-subtypep type2 `(or (not ,type1) ,type2) t)
(defun check-subtypep (type1 type2 is-sub &optional should-be-valid)
......@@ -604,19 +607,25 @@ the condition to go uncaught if it cannot be classified."
pathname stream random-state condition restart))
(defparameter *disjoint-types-list2*
`((cons (cons t t) (cons t (cons t t)))
(symbol keyword boolean null)
`((cons (cons t t) (cons t (cons t t)) (eql (nil)))
(symbol keyword boolean null (eql a) (eql nil) (eql t) (eql *))
(array vector simple-array simple-vector string simple-string
base-string simple-base-string)
(character base-char standard-char extended-char)
(function compiled-function generic-function standard-generic-function)
(pathname logical-pathname)
base-string simple-base-string (eql #()))
(character base-char standard-char (eql #\a)
,@(if (subtypep 'character 'base-char) nil
(list 'extended-char)))
(function compiled-function generic-function standard-generic-function
(eql ,#'car))
(package (eql ,(find-package "COMMON-LISP")))
(pathname logical-pathname (eql #p""))
(stream broadcast-stream concatenated-stream echo-stream
file-stream string-stream synonym-stream two-way-stream)
(number real complex float integer rational ratio
bit (integer 0 100) (float 0.0 100.0) (integer 0 *)
(rational 0 *) (mod 10))
(rational 0 *) (mod 10)
(eql 0)
,@(and (not (subtypep 'bignum nil))
(list 'bignum)))
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