Commit 91dd69ad authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Added case for detect of infeasible class precedence list with forward referenced classes.

parent a732c76a
......@@ -104,4 +104,33 @@
(t 'good))))))))))
(deftest defclass.forward-ref.4
(block nil
(let ((c1 (gensym))
(c2 (gensym))
(c3 (gensym))
(c4 (gensym))
(c5 (gensym)))
(unless (typep (eval `(defclass ,c4 nil nil)) 'class)
(return 1))
(unless (typep (eval `(defclass ,c5 nil nil)) 'class)
(return 2))
(unless (typep (eval `(defclass ,c1 (,c2 ,c3) nil)) 'class)
(return 3))
(unless (typep (eval `(defclass ,c2 (,c4 ,c5) nil)) 'class)
(return 4))
(let ((error-symbol
(defclass ,c3 (,c5 ,c4) nil)
(make-instance ',c1)))))
(and (symbolp error-symbol)
(subtypep error-symbol 'error)
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