Commit 94e25073 authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański
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restructure: files: refer to foo.txt in top directory

Signed-off-by: Daniel Kochmański's avatarDaniel Kochmański <>
parent 6dd1f8e2
......@@ -3,8 +3,6 @@
;;;; Created: Tue Jan 13 19:10:02 2004
;;;; Contains: Tests of the FILE-ERROR condition, and associated accessor function
(deftest file-error.1
(let ((pn (make-pathname :name :wild
:type "txt"
......@@ -21,37 +19,37 @@
t t)
(deftest file-error-pathname.1
(let ((c (make-condition 'file-error :pathname "scratch/foo.txt")))
(let ((c (make-condition 'file-error :pathname "foo.txt")))
(notnot (typep c 'file-error))
(eqlt (class-of c) (find-class 'file-error))
(file-error-pathname c)))
t t "scratch/foo.txt")
t t "foo.txt")
(deftest file-error-pathname.2
(let ((c (make-condition 'file-error :pathname #p"scratch/foo.txt")))
(let ((c (make-condition 'file-error :pathname #p"foo.txt")))
(notnot (typep c 'file-error))
(eqlt (class-of c) (find-class 'file-error))
(equalt #p"scratch/foo.txt" (file-error-pathname c))))
(equalt #p"foo.txt" (file-error-pathname c))))
t t t)
(deftest file-error-pathname.3
(let ((c (make-condition 'file-error :pathname "CLTEST:scratch/foo.txt")))
(let ((c (make-condition 'file-error :pathname "CLTEST:foo.txt")))
(notnot (typep c 'file-error))
(eqlt (class-of c) (find-class 'file-error))
(equalpt "CLTEST:scratch/foo.txt"
(equalpt "CLTEST:foo.txt"
(file-error-pathname c))))
t t t)
(deftest file-error-pathname.4
(let ((c (make-condition
'file-error :pathname (logical-pathname "CLTEST:scratch/foo.txt"))))
'file-error :pathname (logical-pathname "CLTEST:foo.txt"))))
(notnot (typep c 'file-error))
(eqlt (class-of c) (find-class 'file-error))
(equalpt (logical-pathname "CLTEST:scratch/foo.txt")
(equalpt (logical-pathname "CLTEST:foo.txt")
(file-error-pathname c))))
t t t)
......@@ -81,6 +79,6 @@
(deftest file-error-pathname.error.2
(make-condition 'file-error :pathname "scratch/foo.txt")
(make-condition 'file-error :pathname "foo.txt")
program-error) t)
......@@ -3,8 +3,6 @@
;;;; Created: Tue Jan 6 05:32:37 2004
;;;; Contains: Tests of TRUENAME
(deftest truename.1
(let* ((pn #p"truename.txt")
(tn (truename pn)))
......@@ -55,7 +53,7 @@
t nil t t)
(deftest truename.5
(let* ((lpn "CLTEST:scratch/foo.txt")
(let* ((lpn "CLTEST:foo.txt")
(pn (translate-logical-pathname lpn)))
(unless (probe-file lpn)
(with-open-file (s lpn :direction :output) (format s "Stuff~%")))
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