Commit 9bdde178 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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:readably should be off in prefix tests

parent ec579775
......@@ -557,14 +557,15 @@
(deftest print.symbol.prefix.1
(let ((s (write-to-string (make-symbol "ABC") :gensym t :case :upcase)))
(let ((s (write-to-string (make-symbol "ABC") :gensym t :case :upcase :escape t :readably nil)))
(if (string= s "#:ABC") t s)))
(deftest print.symbol.prefix.2
(let ((s (write-to-string (make-symbol "ABC") :gensym nil :case :upcase)))
(let ((s (write-to-string (make-symbol "ABC") :gensym nil :case :upcase :readably nil)))
(if (string= s "ABC") t s)))
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