Commit a247e551 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Begin adding tests for REMOVE-METHOD.

parent a1875755
......@@ -23,3 +23,4 @@
(load "method-qualifiers.lsp")
(load "no-applicable-method.lsp")
(load "no-next-method.lsp")
(load "remove-method.lsp")
;-*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;;; Author: Paul Dietz
;;;; Created: Sun May 11 19:53:37 2003
;;;; Contains: Tests of REMOVE-METHOD
(in-package :cl-test)
(defparameter *remove-meth-gf-01*
(defgeneric remove-meth-gf-01 (x)))
(defparameter *remove-meth-gf-01-method-t*
(defmethod remove-meth-gf-01 ((x t)) x))
(defparameter *remove-meth-gf-02*
(defgeneric remove-meth-gf-02 (x)))
(defparameter *remove-meth-gf-02-method-t*
(defmethod remove-meth-gf-02 ((x t)) x))
;;; remove method must not signal an error if the method
;;; does not belong to the generic function
(deftest remove-method.1
(eqt (remove-method *remove-meth-gf-01* *remove-meth-gf-02-method-t*)
(remove-meth-gf-01 :good))
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