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Test illustrating validity of keyword arguments where there are several applicable methods.

parent aacaa3cb
......@@ -656,3 +656,37 @@
(funcall fn 1 2)
(funcall fn "1" "2")))
3 "12")
(deftest defgeneric.28
(let ((fn (eval '(defgeneric (x &key)
(:method ((x integer) &key foo) (list x foo))
(:method ((x number) &key bar) (list x bar))
(:method ((x t) &key baz) (list x baz))))))
(funcall fn 1)
(funcall fn 1 :foo 'a)
(funcall fn 1 :bar 'b)
(funcall fn 1 :baz 'c)
(funcall fn 1 :bar 'b :baz 'c)
(funcall fn 1 :foo 'a :bar 'b)
(funcall fn 1 :foo 'a :baz 'c)
(funcall fn 1 :foo 'a :bar 'b :baz 'c)
(funcall fn 5/3)
(funcall fn 5/3 :bar 'b)
(funcall fn 5/3 :baz 'c)
(funcall fn 5/3 :bar 'b :baz 'c)
(funcall fn 'x)
(funcall fn 'x :baz 'c)
(1 nil) (1 a) (1 nil) (1 nil)
(1 nil) (1 a) (1 a) (1 a)
(5/3 nil) (5/3 b) (5/3 nil) (5/3 b)
(x nil) (x c))
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