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This directory contains a partial Common Lisp standards compliance
test suite.
To load, edit load.lsp and load it. To run, do this:
To run the tests, load gclload.lsp. This will load and
run the tests. To just load the tests, load gclload1.lsp
and gclload2.lsp.
(in-package :cl-test)
From GCL, instead just load gclload.lsp. This will automatically
run the tests.
Individual tests may be run by (do-test '<test name>).
The tests here cover the CONSes, SYMBOLs and PACKAGEs section of the
hyperspec, as well as fragments of other parts (sequences, types,
lists, arrays, structures, the reader). I intend to add tests for the
other parts of the standard. The package tests are currently disabled
in GCL because of a bug in DEFPACKAGE.
When I run this I have a copy of the MK defsystem in the ../defsys30
directory. The .system files use the MK forms (not the defsystem from
ACL). (Note: when gclload.lsp is loaded the defsystem is not used.)
The tar file contains a modified version of the Waters RT regression
test package, which gets installed in subdirectory rt/.
Individual tests may be run by (rt:do-test '<test name>).
Please tell me when you find incorrect test cases.
There are five test cases that cause very long loops on ACL (ELT-*
tests on type-bogus inputs; I think the system is considering the
pointers to be very large unsigned integers.)
Paul Dietz
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