Commit abf39d1a authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz

Fixed some problems with REDUCE form pruning.

parent 30e691c3
......@@ -275,6 +275,8 @@
(make-random-integer-unwind-protect-form size))
(5 (make-random-integer-mapping-form size))
;; prog1, multiple-value-prog1
(let* ((op (random-from-seq #(prog1 multiple-value-prog1)))
......@@ -600,6 +602,26 @@
(body-form (make-random-integer-form s2)))
`(progv ',vars (list ,@var-forms) ,body-form))))))
(defun make-random-integer-mapping-form (size)
(1 ;; reduce
(let ((sizes (random-partition (1- size) (1+ (random (min 10 (max 1 size))))))
(op (random-from-seq #(+ - * logand logxor logior max min))))
`(reduce (function ,op) (list ,@(mapcar #'make-random-integer-form sizes)))))
(1 ;; reduce with lambda form
(destructuring-bind (size1 size2) (random-partition (1- size) 2)
(let* ((vars '(lv1 lv2 lv3 lv4 lv5 lv6))
(var1 (random-from-seq vars))
(var2 (random-from-seq (remove var1 vars)))
(form (let ((*vars* (list*
(make-var-desc :name var1 :type '(integer * *))
(make-var-desc :name var2 :type '(integer * *))
(make-random-integer-form size1)))
(sizes (random-partition size2 (1+ (random (min 10 (max 1 size2))))))
(args (mapcar #'make-random-integer-form sizes)))
`(reduce (function (lambda (,var1 ,var2) ,form)) (list ,@args)))))))
(defun make-random-integer-setq-form (size)
(if *vars*
(let* ((vdesc (random-from-seq *vars*))
......@@ -1478,6 +1500,35 @@
#'(lambda (args)
(try `(funcall ,fn ,@args))))))
(try 0)
(let ((arg1 (car args))
(arg2 (cadr args))
(rest (cddr args)))
(when (and (null (cddr args))
(consp arg1)
(eql (car arg1) 'function))
(let ((arg1.2 (cadr arg1)))
(when (and (consp arg1.2)
(eql (car arg1.2) 'lambda))
(let ((largs (cadr arg1.2))
(body (cddr arg1.2)))
(when (null (cdr body))
(prune (car body)
#'(lambda (bform)
(try `(reduce (function (lambda ,largs ,bform))
,arg2 ,@rest)))))))))
(when (consp arg2)
(case (car arg2)
(let (( (cdr arg2)))
#'(lambda (args)
(try `(reduce ,arg1
(list ,@args)
(try 0)
(let ((fn (second form))
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