Commit b9299a4e authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Added more make-array tests. Note that reading make-array.16 was breaking CMU CL.

parent 208e78b2
......@@ -192,24 +192,62 @@
(deftest make-array.10
(make-array-with-checks nil :initial-element 1)
(deftest make-array.11
(make-array-with-checks nil :initial-contents 2)
(deftest make-array.12
(make-array-with-checks nil :element-type 'bit :initial-contents 1)
(deftest make-array.13
(make-array-with-checks nil :element-type t :initial-contents 'a)
;;; Higher dimensional arrays
(deftest make-array.14
(let ((a (make-array-with-checks '(2 3))))
(and (symbolp a) a))
(deftest make-array.15
(make-array-with-checks '(2 3) :initial-element 'x)
#2a((x x x) (x x x)))
(deftest make-array.16
(make-array-with-checks '(0 0))
(deftest make-array.17
(make-array-with-checks '(2 3) :initial-contents '((a b c) (d e f)))
#2a((a b c) (d e f)))
(deftest make-array.18
(make-array-with-checks '(2 3) :initial-contents '(#(a b c) #(d e f)))
#2a((a b c) (d e f)))
;;; Adjustable arrays
(deftest make-array.adjustable.1
(let ((a (make-array-with-checks '(10) :adjustable t)))
(and (symbolp a) a))
(deftest make-array.adjustable.2
(make-array-with-checks '(4) :adjustable t
:initial-element 6)
#(6 6 6 6))
(deftest make-array.adjustable.3
(make-array-with-checks nil :adjustable t :initial-element 7)
(deftest make-array.adjustable.4
(make-array-with-checks '(2 3) :adjustable t :initial-element 7)
#2a((7 7 7) (7 7 7)))
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