Commit bd688405 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Another test case for macroexpansion in restart-case.

parent a04c5979
......@@ -249,3 +249,21 @@
(foo () 'good)))))
(deftest restart-case.31
(macrolet ((%m2 (&rest args) (cons 'error args)))
(macrolet ((%m (&rest args &environment env)
(macroexpand (cons '%m2 args) env)))
((error #'(lambda (c2) (invoke-restart (find-restart 'foo c2)))))
((error #'(lambda (c) (declare (ignore c)) (error "Blah"))))
(%m "Boo!")
(foo () 'bad))
(foo () 'good))))))
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