Commit c4e442d5 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz

Add ability to not compile the unoptimized form; added CATCH, THROW.

parent e8f1ae3e
......@@ -33,15 +33,19 @@
(declaim (special *optimized-fn-src* *unoptimized-fn-src* *int-form-vals*
*opt-result* *unopt-result* $x $y $z))
*opt-result* *unopt-result* $x $y $z
(defun f (i) (let ((plist (elt $y i)))
(apply (compile nil (getf plist :optimized-lambda-form))
(getf plist :vals))))
(defun g (i) (let ((plist (elt $y i)))
(apply (compile nil (getf plist :unoptimized-lambda-form))
(getf plist :vals))))
(if *compile-unoptimized-form*
(apply (compile nil (getf plist :unoptimized-lambda-form))
(getf plist :vals))
(apply (eval `(function ,(getf plist :unoptimized-lambda-form)))
(getf plist :vals)))))
(defun loop-random-int-forms (&optional (size 200) (nvars 3))
(unless (boundp '$x) (setq $x nil))
......@@ -60,6 +64,7 @@
(defvar *random-int-form-blocks* nil)
(defvar *random-int-form-catch-tags* nil)
(defvar *maximum-random-int-bits* 45)
......@@ -117,7 +122,9 @@
(form (let ((*vars* (loop for v in vars
for tp in var-types
collect (make-var-desc :name v
:type tp))))
:type tp)))
(*random-int-form-blocks* nil)
(*random-int-form-catch-tags* nil))
(make-random-integer-form size)))
(loop repeat 20
......@@ -241,12 +248,13 @@
(let ((arg (let ((*flet-names* nil)
(*vars* nil)
(*random-int-form-blocks* nil))
(*random-int-form-blocks* nil)
(*random-int-form-catch-tags* nil))
(make-random-integer-form (1- size)))))
(2 `(load-time-value ,arg t))
(1 `(load-time-value ,arg))
(1 `(load-time-value ,arg nil)))))
(1 `(load-time-value ,arg nil)))))
#-(or cmu allegro)
......@@ -335,10 +343,17 @@
(2 `(multiple-value-bind (,var) ,e1 ,e2)))))))
(4 `(let () ,(make-random-integer-form (1- size))))
(let* ((name (random-from-seq #(b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 b6 b7 b8)))
(*random-int-form-blocks* (adjoin name *random-int-form-blocks*)))
`(block ,name ,(make-random-integer-form (1- size)))))
(let* ((tag (list 'quote (random-from-seq #(ct1 ct2 ct2 ct4 ct5 ct6 ct7 ct8))))
(*random-int-form-catch-tags* (cons tag *random-int-form-catch-tags*)))
`(catch ,tag ,(make-random-integer-form (1- size)))))
(4 ;; setq
(if *vars*
(let* ((vdesc (random-from-seq *vars*))
......@@ -364,6 +379,14 @@
;; No blocks -- try again
(make-random-integer-form size)))
(if *random-int-form-catch-tags*
(let ((tag (random-from-seq *random-int-form-catch-tags*))
(form (make-random-integer-form (1- size))))
`(throw ,tag ,form))
;; No catch tags -- try again
(make-random-integer-form size)))
(if *random-int-form-blocks*
(destructuring-bind (s1 s2 s3) (random-partition (1- size) 3)
......@@ -415,7 +438,9 @@
(make-random-integer-form size)
(let* ((op (random-from-seq #(flet labels)))
(minargs (random 4))
(maxargs (rcase
(maxargs #+:allegro minargs
(1 minargs)
(1 (+ minargs (random 4)))))
(arg-names (loop for i from 1 to maxargs
......@@ -598,7 +623,7 @@
#+cmu (declare (optimize (extensions:inhibit-warnings 3)))
(declare (optimize (safety 3)))
(declare (optimize (speed 0)))
(declare (optimize (debug 0)))
(declare (optimize (debug 3)))
(defvar *compile-using-defun*
......@@ -752,18 +777,20 @@
(when (gethash form *prune-table*)
(return-from prune nil))
(flet ((try (x) (funcall try-fn x)))
(when (consp form)
((keywordp form) nil)
((integerp form)
(unless (zerop form) (try 0)))
((consp form)
(let* ((op (car form))
(args (cdr form))
(nargs (length args)))
(case op
((signum integer-length logcount
gcd lcm logandc1 logandc2 lognand lognor logorc1 logorc2
logandc1 logandc2 lognand lognor logorc1 logorc2
realpart imagpart)
(mapc #'try args)
(try 0)
(try -1)
(prune-fn form try-fn))
((abs 1+ 1- identity values progn prog1 multiple-value-prog1 unwind-protect
......@@ -773,7 +800,7 @@
(try (car args))
(prune (cadr args)
(prune (car args)
#'(lambda (form) `(,op ,form ,@(cdr args)))))
......@@ -799,10 +826,20 @@
(when (every #'constantp args)
(try (eval form)))
(mapc try-fn args)
(prune-fn form try-fn)
(try t)
(try nil))
((and or = < > <= >= /=)
(when (every #'constantp args)
(try (eval form)))
(try t)
(try nil)
(mapc try-fn args)
(prune-nary-fn form try-fn)
(prune-fn form try-fn))
((- + * min max logand logior logxor logeqv
and or = < > <= >= /=)
((- + * min max logand logior logxor logeqv gcd lcm)
(when (every #'constantp args)
(try (eval form)))
(mapc try-fn args)
......@@ -913,6 +950,38 @@
#'(lambda (x)
(try `(block ,name ,x))))))))
(let* ((tag (second form))
(name (if (consp tag) (cadr tag) tag))
(body (cddr form)))
(when (and body (null (cdr body)))
(let ((form1 (first body)))
;; Try removing the catch entirely if it is not in use
;; We make assumptions here about what throws can
;; be present.
(when (or (not (find-in-tree 'throw body))
(not (find-in-tree name body)))
(try form1))
;; Try removing the block if its only use is an immediately
;; enclosed return-from: (block <n> (return-from <n> <e>))
(when (and (consp form1)
(eq (first form1) 'throw)
(equal (second form1) name)
(not (find-in-tree name (third form1))))
(try (third form1)))
;; Otherwise, try to simplify the subexpression
(prune form1
#'(lambda (x)
(try `(catch ,tag ,x))))))))
(try (second args))
(prune (second args)
#'(lambda (x) (try `(throw ,(first args) ,x)))))
((flet labels)
(prune-flet form try-fn))
......@@ -988,7 +1057,7 @@
(prune-list fn-args
#'(lambda (args)
(funcall try-fn `(funcall ,fn ,@args))))))
(try `(funcall ,fn ,@args))))))
(let ((fn (second form))
......@@ -1001,18 +1070,19 @@
(prune-list fn-args
#'(lambda (args)
(funcall try-fn `(apply ,fn ,@args ,list-arg))))
(try `(apply ,fn ,@args ,list-arg))))
(when (and (consp list-arg)
(eq (car list-arg) 'list))
(try `(apply ,fn ,@fn-args ,@(cdr list-arg) nil))
(prune-list (cdr list-arg)
#'(lambda (args)
(funcall try-fn `(apply ,fn ,@fn-args
(list ,@args))))))))
(try `(apply ,fn ,@fn-args
(list ,@args))))))))
(prune-fn form try-fn))
(setf (gethash form *prune-table*) t)
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