Commit c7c9fa73 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Fixed set-syntax-from-char.double-quote

parent 85dc21ea
......@@ -226,14 +226,14 @@
(set-syntax-from-char c #\")
(concatenate 'string (list c c2 #\")))
(concatenate 'string (list c c2 c)))
(error (c) c))
(concatenate 'string (list c c2 #\" #\2)))
(concatenate 'string (list c c2 c #\2)))
(error (c) c))
(read-from-string (concatenate 'string (list c c2) "\")"))
(read-from-string (concatenate 'string (list c c2 c) ")"))
(error (c) c)))))
(unless (equal results (list t expected expected expected))
(list (list c results)))))))
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