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Add float, other type capabilities. Vectors, arrays, characters, bit vectors,...

Add float, other type capabilities.  Vectors, arrays, characters, bit vectors, strings, floats, complexes.
parent a5b00ef0
......@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@
(print '(load "c.lsp") s)
(finish-output s))
;; (cl-user::gc)
(make-list 1000000) ;; try to trigger a gc
;; (make-list 1000000)
(test-int-form form vars var-types vals-list opt-decls-1 opt-decls-2)))
......@@ -542,7 +542,7 @@
(50 (make-random-integer-binding-form size))
;; progv
#-(or armedbear)
#-(or armedbear ecl)
(4 (make-random-integer-progv-form size))
(4 `(let () ,(make-random-integer-form (1- size))))
......@@ -752,7 +752,8 @@
(destructuring-bind (s1 s2) (random-partition (1- size) 2)
(let* ((var (random-from-seq2 (rcase
(2 #(v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v6 v7 v8 v9 v10))
(2 *random-special-vars*))))
#-ecl (2 *random-special-vars*)
(e1 (make-random-integer-form s1))
(type (multiple-value-bind (type2 e)
(make-random-type-for-var var e1)
......@@ -1126,6 +1127,13 @@
(assert (cdr type))
(make-random-element-of-type (random-from-seq (cdr type))))
(assert (cdr type))
(loop repeat 100
for x = (make-random-element-of-type (cadr type))
when (typep x (cons 'and (cddr type)))
return x
finally (error "Cannot generate random element of ~A" type)))
(let ((lo (let ((lo (cadr type)))
......@@ -1151,6 +1159,41 @@
;; of certain integers (near 0, near endpoints, near
;; powers of 2...)
(random-from-interval (1+ hi) lo)))))
((single-float double-float long-float short-float)
(let ((lo (cadr type))
(hi (caddr type))
lo= hi=)
((consp lo) nil)
((member lo '(* nil))
(setq lo (most-negative-float type-op))
(setq lo= t))
(assert (typep lo type-op))
(setq lo= t)))
((consp hi) nil)
((member hi '(* nil))
(setq hi (most-positive-float type-op))
(setq hi= t))
(assert (typep hi type-op))
(setq hi= t)))
(assert (<= lo hi))
(assert (or (< lo hi) (and lo= hi=)))
(let ((limit 100000))
((or (<= hi 0)
(>= lo 0)
(and (<= (- limit) hi limit) (<= (- limit) lo limit)))
(loop for x = (+ (random (- hi lo)) lo)
do (when (or lo= (/= x lo)) (return x))))
(1 (random (min hi (float limit hi))))
(1 (- (random (min (float limit lo) (- lo)))))))))))
(let ((modulus (second type)))
(assert (and (integerp modulus)
......@@ -1166,12 +1209,57 @@
(assert (and (integerp bits) (>= bits 1)))
`(integer 0 ,(1- (ash 1 bits)))))))))
(if (null (cdr type))
(make-random-element-of-type 'integer)
(let ((bits (second type)))
(if (eq bits'*)
(make-random-element-of-type 'integer)
(assert (and (integerp bits) (>= bits 1)))
`(integer ,(- (ash 1 (1- bits))) ,(1- (ash 1 (1- bits))))))))))
(assert (= (length type) 2))
(cadr type))
(assert (cdr type))
(random-from-seq (cdr type)))
(let ((etype-spec (if (cdr type) (cadr type) '*))
(size-spec (if (cddr type) (caddr type) '*)))
(make-random-vector etype-spec size-spec)))
(let ((size-spec (if (cdr type) (cadr type) '*)))
(make-random-vector t size-spec :simple t)))
((array simple-array)
(let ((etype-spec (if (cdr type) (cadr type) '*))
(size-spec (if (cddr type) (caddr type) '*)))
(make-random-array etype-spec size-spec :simple (eql (car type) 'simple-array))))
((string simple-string)
(let ((size-spec (if (cdr type) (cadr type) '*)))
(make-random-string size-spec :simple (eql (car type) 'simple-string))))
((base-string simple-base-string)
(let ((size-spec (if (cdr type) (cadr type) '*)))
(make-random-vector 'base-char size-spec :simple (eql (car type) 'simple-base-string))))
((bit-vector simple-bit-vector)
(let ((size-spec (if (cdr type) (cadr type) '*)))
(make-random-vector 'bit size-spec :simple (eql (car type) 'simple-bit-vector))))
(cons (make-random-element-of-type (if (cdr type) (cadr type) t))
(make-random-element-of-type (if (cddr type) (caddr type) t))))
((null (cdr type))
(make-random-element-of-type 'complex))
(assert (null (cddr type)))
(let ((etype (cadr type)))
(loop for v1 = (make-random-element-of-type etype)
for v2 = (make-random-element-of-type etype)
for c = (complex v1 v2)
when (typep c type)
return c)))))
(ecase type
......@@ -1180,11 +1268,140 @@
(symbol (random-from-seq #(nil t a b c :a :b :c |z| foo |foo| car)))
(unsigned-byte (random-from-interval
(1+ (ash 1 (random *maximum-random-int-bits*))) 0))
(signed-byte (random-from-interval
(1+ (ash 1 (random *maximum-random-int-bits*)))
(- (ash 1 (random *maximum-random-int-bits*)))))
(rational (locally (declare (notinline make-random-rational)) (make-random-rational)))
(integer (let ((x (ash 1 (random *maximum-random-int-bits*))))
(random-from-interval (1+ x) (- x))))
((single-float short-float double-float long-float)
(make-random-element-of-type (list type)))
(make-random-element-of-type (random-from-seq #(short-float single-float double-float long-float))))
((real) (make-random-element-of-type (random-from-seq #(integer rational float))))
((number) (make-random-element-of-type (random-from-seq #(integer rational float complex))))
((bit-vector) (make-random-vector 'bit '*))
((simple-bit-vector) (make-random-vector 'bit '* :simple t))
((vector) (make-random-vector '* '*))
((simple-vector) (make-random-vector 't '* :simple t))
((array) (make-random-array '* '*))
((simple-array) (make-random-array '* '* :simple t))
((string) (make-random-string '*))
((simple-string) (make-random-string '* :simple t))
((simple-array) (make-random-string '* :simple t))
((base-string) (make-random-vector 'base-char '*))
((simple-base-string) (make-random-vector 'base-char '* :simple t))
((base-char standard-char)
(random-from-seq +standard-chars+))
((character) (make-random-character))
;; Default
((atom t *) (make-random-element-of-type
(random-from-seq #(real symbol boolean integer unsigned-byte complex character
(string 1) (bit-vector 1) complex))))
((null) nil)
(random-from-interval (1+ most-positive-fixnum) most-negative-fixnum))
(make-random-element-of-type '(complex real)))
(defun make-random-character ()
when (rcase
(3 (random-from-seq +standard-chars+))
(3 (code-char (random (min 256 char-code-limit))))
(1 (code-char (random (min (ash 1 16) char-code-limit))))
(1 (code-char (random (min (ash 1 24) char-code-limit))))
(1 (code-char (random char-code-limit))))
return it))
(defun make-random-array-element-type ()
;; Create random types for array elements
(let ((bits 40))
(2 t)
(1 'symbol)
(1 `(unsigned-byte ,(1+ (random bits))))
(1 `(signed-byte ,(1+ (random bits))))
(1 'character)
(1 'base-char)
(1 'bit)
(1 (random-from-seq #(short-float single-float double-float long-float))))))
(defun make-random-vector (etype-spec size-spec &key simple)
(let* ((etype (if (eql etype-spec '*)
(size (if (eql size-spec '*)
(random (ash 1 (+ 2 (random 8))))
(displaced? (and (not simple) (coin 4)))
(displaced-size (+ size (random (max 6 size))))
(displacement (random (1+ (- displaced-size size))))
(adjustable (and (not simple) (coin 3)))
(fill-pointer (and (not simple)
(rcase (3 nil) (1 t) (1 (random (1+ size)))))))
(assert (<= size 1000000))
(if displaced?
(let ((displaced-vector (make-array displaced-size :element-type etype
:initial-contents (loop repeat displaced-size
collect (make-random-element-of-type etype)))))
(make-array size :element-type etype :adjustable adjustable
:fill-pointer fill-pointer
:displaced-to displaced-vector
:displaced-index-offset displacement))
(make-array size
:element-type etype
:initial-contents (loop repeat size
collect (make-random-element-of-type etype))
:adjustable adjustable
:fill-pointer fill-pointer
(defun make-random-array (etype-spec dim-specs &key simple)
(when (eql dim-specs '*)
(setq dim-specs (random 10)))
(when (numberp dim-specs)
(setq dim-specs (make-list dim-specs :initial-element '*)))
(let* ((etype (if (eql etype-spec '*) t etype-spec))
(rank (length dim-specs))
(dims (loop for dim in dim-specs
collect (if (eql dim '*)
(1+ (random (ash 1 (floor 9 rank))))
(assert (<= (reduce '* dims :initial-value 1) 1000000))
(assert (<= (reduce 'max dims :initial-value 1) 1000000))
(make-array dims
:element-type etype
(labels ((%init (dims)
(if (null dims)
(make-random-element-of-type etype)
(loop repeat (car dims)
collect (%init (cdr dims))))))
(%init dims))
:adjustable (and (not simple) (coin))
;; Do displacements later
(defun most-negative-float (float-type-symbol)
(ecase float-type-symbol
(short-float most-negative-short-float)
(single-float most-negative-single-float)
(double-float most-negative-double-float)
(long-float most-negative-long-float)
(float (min most-negative-short-float most-negative-single-float
most-negative-double-float most-negative-long-float))))
(defun most-positive-float (float-type-symbol)
(ecase float-type-symbol
(short-float most-positive-short-float)
(single-float most-positive-single-float)
(double-float most-positive-double-float)
(long-float most-positive-long-float)
(float (max most-positive-short-float most-positive-single-float
most-positive-double-float most-positive-long-float))))
(defun make-optimized-lambda-form (form vars var-types opt-decls)
`(lambda ,vars
,@(mapcar #'(lambda (tp var) `(declare (type ,tp ,var)))
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