Commit cb197851 authored by mjthomas's avatar mjthomas

My usual test variation.

parent 579e2859
......@@ -28,6 +28,12 @@ random-test:
#-allegro (quit) #+allegro (excl::exit)))" | $(LISP)
rm -f gazonk*
echo "(load \"gclload1.lsp\") \
(compile-and-load \"random-int-form.lsp\") \
(in-package :cl-test) (loop-random-int-forms 1000 8)" | $(LISP)
@rm -f test.out *.cls *.fasl *.o *.so *~ *.fn *.x86f *.fasl *.ufsl *.abcl *.fas *.lib \#*\#
@rm -rf scratch/ scratch.txt
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