Commit cb6beec3 authored by camm's avatar camm
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Backport minimal ansi-test patches from HEAD to enable running of the random tester

parent fb346e77
......@@ -1426,3 +1426,32 @@ the condition to go uncaught if it cannot be classified."
(unsigned-byte 32) float short-float
single-float double-float long-float
nil character base-char symbol boolean null))
(defun random-partition (n p)
"Partition n into p numbers, each >= 1. Return list of numbers."
(assert (<= 1 p))
((= p 1) (list n))
((< n p) (make-list p :initial-element 1))
(let ((n1 (1+ (random (floor n p)))))
(cons n1 (random-partition (- n n1) (1- p)))))))
((= p 1) (list n))
((= n 0) (make-list p :initial-element 0))
(t (let* ((r (random p))
(n1 (random (1+ n))))
((= r 0)
(cons n1 (random-partition (- n n1) (1- p))))
((= r (1- p))
(append (random-partition (- n n1) (1- p)) (list n1)))
(let* ((n2 (random (1+ (- n n1))))
(n3 (- n n1 n2)))
(append (random-partition n2 r)
(list n1)
(random-partition n3 (- p 1 r))))))))))
......@@ -2145,6 +2145,9 @@
(defparameter *cl-function-or-accessor-symbols*
(append *cl-function-symbols* *cl-accessor-symbols*))
(defparameter *cl-non-variable-constant-symbols*
......@@ -6,6 +6,28 @@
(load "cl-test-package.lsp")
(in-package :cl-test)
(load "universe.lsp")
(compile-and-load "random-aux.lsp")
(compile-and-load "ansi-aux.lsp")
;;; (unless (probe-file "ansi-aux.o") (compile-file "ansi-aux.lsp"))
;;; (load "ansi-aux.o")
(load "cl-symbol-names.lsp")
;(load "notes.lsp")
(setq *compile-verbose* nil
*compile-print* nil
*load-verbose* nil)
#+cmu (setq ext:*gc-verbose* nil)
#+gcl (setq compiler:*suppress-compiler-notes* t
compiler:*suppress-compiler-warnings* t
compiler:*compile-verbose* nil
compiler:*compile-print* nil)
#+lispworks (setq compiler::*compiler-warnings* nil)
#+ecl (setq c:*suppress-compiler-warnings* t
c:*suppress-compiler-notes* t)
#+clisp (setq custom::*warn-on-floating-point-contagion* nil)
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