Commit cdd493de authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz

Add delete-all-versions

parent 731fe503
......@@ -1366,6 +1366,13 @@ the condition to go uncaught if it cannot be classified."
(unuse-package package using-package)))
(delete-package package))))
(defun delete-all-versions (pathspec)
"Replace the versions field of the pathname specified by pathspec with
:wild, and delete all the files this refers to."
(let* ((wild-pathname (make-pathname :version :wild :defaults (pathname pathspec)))
(truenames (directory wild-pathname)))
(mapc #'delete-file truenames)))
(defconstant +fail-count-limit+ 20)
(defmacro test-with-package-iterator (package-list-expr &rest symbol-types)
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