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More TODOs

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......@@ -33,3 +33,39 @@ Things to do to the test suite (not a complete list)
16. Test VECTOR-PUSH-EXTEND on displaced vectors, etc. (just like adjust-array;
see 6.)
17. Tests that have an argument that provides a return value for special
conditions (like eof) that happens to be the same as a normal value the
functions would return (suggested by CR).
18. Add random tests for COERCE (the result either is either typep of the
second arg (except for rational stuff) or a type-error is signalled.)
19. Add two missing tests from CLOS (spotted by Bruno Haible):
;; Shared slot remains shared.
;; CLHS 4.3.6.: "The value of a slot that is specified as shared both in the old
;; class and in the new class is retained."
(multiple-value-bind (value condition)
(defclass foo74 () ((size :initarg :size :initform 1 :allocation :class)))
(setq i (make-instance 'foo74))
(defclass foo74 () ((size :initarg :size :initform 2 :allocation :class) (other)))
(slot-value i 'size))
(list value (type-of condition)))
Expected: (1 NULL)
Got: (2 NULL)
(defclass foo92b (foo92a) ((s :initarg :s)))
(defclass foo92a () ())
(let ((x (make-instance 'foo92b :s 5)) (update-counter 0))
(defclass foo92b (foo92a) ((s) (s1) (s2))) ; still subclass of foo92a
(slot-value x 's)
(defmethod update-instance-for-redefined-class ((object foo92b) added-slots discarded-slots property-list &rest initargs)
(incf update-counter))
(make-instances-obsolete 'foo92a)
(slot-value x 's)
Expected: 1
Got: 0
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