Commit da27662a authored by camm's avatar camm
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class-precedence-list tests should work now

parent 328bdcea
......@@ -12,13 +12,8 @@
(:method-combination list)
#.(loop for s in *cl-types-that-are-classes-symbols*
;; This was added to get gcl to not abort here,
;; but it masks ANSI noncompliance
#+gcl when #+gcl (ignore-errors (pcl::find-class-from-cell
s (pcl::find-class-cell s)))
`(:method list ((x ,s)) ',s))))))
`(:method list ((x ,s)) ',s))))))
(defmacro def-cpl-test (objform expected-cpl &optional name)
(let* ((ordered (loop for e = expected-cpl then (cdr e)
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