Commit dd7688f7 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz

Added pruning to the random subtypep tester.

parent 00db0b27
......@@ -58,3 +58,78 @@
(let ((nt1 `(not ,t1))
(nt2 `(not ,t2)))
(subtypep nt2 nt1))))))
(defun prune-type (tp try-fn)
(declare (type function try-fn))
(flet ((try (x) (funcall try-fn x)))
((member tp '(nil t)))
((symbolp tp)
(try nil)
(try t))
((consp tp)
(try nil)
(try t)
(let ((op (first tp))
(args (rest tp)))
(case op
(try 'cons)
(prune-list args
#'(lambda (args) (try `(cons ,@args)))))
((integer real float ratio single-float double-float short-float long-float)
(try op))
((or and)
(mapc try-fn args)
(prune-list args
#'(lambda (args) (try (cons op args)))))
(let ((arg (first args)))
(try arg)
(when (and (consp arg)
(eq (car arg) 'not))
(try (second arg)))
(prune-type arg #'(lambda (arg) (try `(not ,arg))))))
(dolist (arg (cdr tp))
(try `(eql ,arg)))
(when (cddr tp)
(try `(member ,@(cddr tp)))))
(defun prune-type-pair (t1 t2)
(let (changed)
do (flet ((%try2 (new-tp)
(when (test-types t1 new-tp)
(print "Success in first loop")
(print new-tp)
(setq t2 new-tp
changed t)
(throw 'success nil))))
(catch 'success
(prune-type t2 #'%try2)))
do (flet ((%try1 (new-tp)
(when (test-types new-tp t2)
(print "Success in second loop")
(print new-tp)
(setq t1 new-tp
changed t)
(throw 'success nil))))
(catch 'success
(prune-type t1 #'%try1)))
while changed
do (setq changed nil)))
(values t1 t2))
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