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Another sbcl random subtypep bug

parent 2abc8510
......@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@
(1 (random-from-seq #(integer unsigned-byte ratio rational real float
short-float single-float double-float
long-float complex symbol cons function)))
(let* ((len (random *maximum-random-int-bits*))
(r1 (ash 1 len))
......@@ -31,9 +30,8 @@
(lo (min x y))
(hi (max x y)))
`(integer ,lo ,hi)))
(1 (make-random-real-type))
(1 (make-random-complex-type))
;; (1 (make-random-complex-type))
(2 (let* ((op (random-from-seq #(cons cons and or)))
......@@ -70,6 +68,100 @@
(types (mapcar #'make-random-type sizes)))
`(function (,(car types)) ,(cadr types))))
(defun size-of-type (type)
(if (consp type)
(case (car type)
(complex (1+ (size-of-type (cadr type))))
((array simple-array) (1+ (size-of-type (cadr type))))
(vector (1+ (size-of-type (cadr type))))
(complex (1+ (size-of-type (cadr type))))
((cons or and not) (reduce #'+ (cdr type) :initial-value 1
:key #'size-of-type))
(t 1))
(defun mutate-type (type)
(let* ((size (size-of-type type))
(r (random size)))
(flet ((%f ()
(6 (make-random-type (random (1+ size))))
(2 `(not ,type))
(1 `(and ,(make-random-type 1) ,type))
(1 `(and ,type ,(make-random-type 1)))
(1 `(or ,(make-random-type 1) ,type))
(1 `(or ,type ,(make-random-type 1)))))
(%random-int ()
(let ((bits (1+ (min (random 20) (random 20)))))
(- (ash 1 bits) (random (ash 1 (1+ bits)))))))
(if (or (and (= r 0) (coin)) (not (consp type)))
(case (car type)
((and or not cons complex)
(let ((sizes (mapcar #'size-of-type (cdr type))))
(loop with sum = 0
for e on sizes
for ctype in (cdr type)
for i from 0
do (setf sum (incf (car e) sum))
when (>= sum r)
return (rcase
(1 ctype) ;; replace with component type
(1 (cons (car type)
(append (subseq (cdr type) 0 i)
(list (mutate-type ctype))
(subseq (cdr type) (1+ i)))))))))
((array simple-array vector)
(let ((ctype (if (cdr type) (cadr type) t)))
(1 (if (eql ctype *) t ctype))
(1 (cons (car type)
(cons (mutate-type ctype)
(cddr type)))))))
(if (integerp (cadr type))
(1 'unsigned-byte)
(1 `(unsigned-byte (+ (cadr type) (- 10 (random 20))))))
(let ((lo-delta (%random-int))
(hi-delta (%random-int))
(old-lo (or (cadr type) '*))
(old-hi (or (caddr type) '*)))
(flet ((%inc (old delta)
(if (or (coin) (not (integerp old)))
(+ old delta))))
(1 `(integer ,old-lo *))
(1 `(integer * ,old-hi))
(1 (let ((new-lo (%inc old-lo lo-delta)))
(if (or (null (cdr type))
(null (cddr type))
(not (integerp old-hi)))
`(integer ,new-lo ,@(cddr type))
;; caddr is integer
(if (<= new-lo old-hi)
`(integer ,new-lo ,old-hi)
`(integer ,old-hi ,new-lo)))))
(1 (let ((new-hi (%inc old-hi hi-delta)))
(if (or (null (cdr type))
(null (cddr type))
(not (integerp old-lo)))
`(integer ,old-lo ,new-hi)
(if (<= old-lo new-hi)
`(integer ,old-lo ,new-hi)
`(integer ,new-hi ,old-lo)))))
(1 (let ((new-lo (%inc old-lo lo-delta))
(new-hi (%inc old-hi hi-delta)))
(if (<= new-lo new-hi)
`(integer ,new-lo ,new-hi)
`(integer ,new-hi ,new-lo))))))))
(t (%f)))))))
(defun test-random-types (n size)
(loop for t1 = (make-random-type size)
for t2 = (make-random-type size)
......@@ -81,7 +173,18 @@
when (test-types t1 t2)
collect (list t1 t2)
finally (terpri)))
(defun test-random-mutated-types (n size)
(loop for t1 = (make-random-type size)
for t2 = (mutate-type t1)
for i from 0 below n
;; do (print (list t1 t2))
do (setf *random-types* (list t1 t2))
do (when (and (= (mod i 100) 0) (> i 0))
(format t "~A " i) (finish-output *standard-output*))
when (test-types t1 t2)
collect (list t1 t2)
finally (terpri)))
(defun test-types (t1 t2)
(multiple-value-bind (sub success)
......@@ -334,7 +334,7 @@
(subtypep* `(not ,type2) `(not ,type1))))
nil nil)
;;; From SBCL
;;; From sbcl
(deftest subtypep.cons.41
(let ((type1 '(cons t (complex (real -10 -4))))
......@@ -348,3 +348,12 @@
(deftest subtypep.cons.42
(let ((t1 '(cons (cons (cons (real -744833699 -744833699) cons) (integer -234496 215373))
(t2 '(cons (cons (cons integer integer) (integer -234496 215373)) t)))
(values (subtypep `(not ,t2) `(not ,t1))))
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