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Comment out CATCH.6, which is bogus.

Verified on #lisp, confirmed by crhodes and others.
parent 8614384d
...@@ -24,15 +24,20 @@ ...@@ -24,15 +24,20 @@
(catch 'foo 'a (throw 'foo 'b) 'c) (catch 'foo 'a (throw 'foo 'b) 'c)
b) b)
(deftest catch.6 ;;
(let ((tag1 (1+ most-positive-fixnum)) ;; The test below is wrong:
(tag2 (1+ most-positive-fixnum))) ;; Numbers can't be assumed to be EQ at
(if (eqt tag1 tag2) ;; any time by conforming programs.
'good ;;
(catch tag1 ;; (deftest catch.6
(catch tag2 (throw tag1 'good)) ;; (let ((tag1 (1+ most-positive-fixnum))
'bad))) ;; (tag2 (1+ most-positive-fixnum)))
good) ;; (if (eqt tag1 tag2)
;; 'good
;; (catch tag1
;; (catch tag2 (throw tag1 'good))
;; 'bad)))
;; good)
(deftest catch.7 (deftest catch.7
(catch 'foo 'a (throw 'foo (values)) 'c)) (catch 'foo 'a (throw 'foo (values)) 'c))
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