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Change api so operator is not a keyword arg. Extended...

Change api so operator is not a keyword arg.  Extended make-random-type-containing to more kinds of values (vectors, arrays, floats, complexes, characters.)
parent c8174e2e
......@@ -15,30 +15,39 @@
"Given a value, generate a random type that contains that value."))
(defun do-random-type-prop-tests (&key operator
(minargs 2)
(maxargs minargs)
(arg-types nil)
(rest-type 'integer)
(reps 1000)
(enclosing-the nil))
(declaim (special *param-types* *params* *is-var?* *form*))
(defun do-random-type-prop-tests
(operator &key
(minargs 2)
(maxargs minargs)
(arg-types nil)
(rest-type 'integer)
(reps 1000)
(enclosing-the nil)
(test #'regression-test::equalp-with-case))
(assert (<= 1 minargs maxargs 20))
repeat reps
(let* ((param-names
(dotimes (i reps)
(let* ((param-names
'(p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7 p8 p9 p10
p11 p12 p13 p14 p15 p16 p17 p18 p19 p20))
(nargs (+ minargs (random (- maxargs minargs -1))))
(types (append arg-types
(make-list (- nargs (length arg-types))
:initial-element rest-type)))
(vals (mapcar #'make-random-element-of-type types))
(types (subseq
(append arg-types
(make-list (max 0 (- nargs (length arg-types)))
:initial-element rest-type))
0 nargs))
; (vals (mapcar #'make-random-element-of-type types))
(vals (setq *params*
(or (make-random-arguments types) (go again))))
(is-var? (loop repeat (length vals) collect (coin)))
(*is-var?* is-var?)
(params (loop for x in is-var?
for p in param-names
when x collect p))
(param-types (mapcar #'make-random-type-containing vals))
(*param-types* param-types)
(type-decls (loop for x in is-var?
for p in param-names
for tp in param-types
......@@ -47,7 +56,9 @@
(rval (cl:handler-bind
(#+sbcl (sb-ext::compiler-note #'muffle-warning)
(warning #'muffle-warning))
(eval (cons operator vals))))
(let ((eval-form (cons operator (loop for v in vals collect `(quote ,v)))))
;; (dotimes (i 100) (eval eval-form))
(eval eval-form))))
(result-type (if (and enclosing-the (integerp rval))
(make-random-type-containing rval)
......@@ -60,7 +71,11 @@
(1 (let ((tp (make-random-type-containing v)))
`(the ,tp ,p)))
(1 p))
(if (or (consp v)
(and (symbolp v) (not (or (keywordp v)
(member v '(nil t))))))
`(quote ,v)
`(lambda (r ,@params)
(declare (optimize speed (safety 1))
......@@ -68,7 +83,8 @@
,@ type-decls)
(setf (aref r)
,(if enclosing-the `(the ,result-type ,expr) expr))
(*form* form))
(when *print-random-type-prop-input*
(let ((*print-pretty* t)
(*print-case* :downcase))
......@@ -82,16 +98,33 @@
(warning #'muffle-warning))
(compile nil form)))
(r (make-array nil :element-type upgraded-result-type))
(result (progn (apply fn r param-vals) (aref r))))
(result (progn
;; (dotimes (i 100) (apply fn r param-vals))
(apply fn r param-vals)
(aref r))))
(setq *random-type-prop-result*
(list :upgraded-result-type upgraded-result-type
:form form
:vals vals
:result result
:rval rval))
(unless (rt::equalp-with-case result rval)
(unless (funcall test result rval)
(return *random-type-prop-result*))))))
(defun make-random-arguments (types-or-funs)
(let ((vals nil))
(loop for type-or-fun in types-or-funs
for type = (or (typecase type-or-fun
((and function (not symbol))
(apply type-or-fun vals))
(t type-or-fun))
(return-from make-random-arguments nil) ;; null type
for val = (make-random-element-of-type type)
do (setf vals (nconc vals (list val))))
;; (dolist (v vals) (describe v))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val integer))
(2 (let ((tp (random-from-seq '(t number real rational))))
......@@ -145,23 +178,13 @@
`(member ,@l1 ,val ,@l2)))
(1 (random-from-seq #(t atom)))))
(defun make-random-character ()
(2 (random-from-seq +standard-chars+))
(2 (or (code-char (random (min 256 char-code-limit)))
(1 (or (code-char (random (min (ash 1 16) char-code-limit)))
(1 (or (code-char (random (min (ash 1 24) char-code-limit)))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val rational))
(1 `(eql ,val))
(1 (let* ((n1 (random 4))
(n2 (random 4))
(l1 (loop repeat n1 collect (make-random-element-of-type 'rational)))
(l2 (loop repeat n1 collect (make-random-element-of-type 'rational))))
(l2 (loop repeat n2 collect (make-random-element-of-type 'rational))))
`(member ,@l1 ,val ,@l2)))
(1 `(rational ,val))
(1 `(rational * ,val))
......@@ -171,4 +194,98 @@
`(rational ,val ,v))))
\ No newline at end of file
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val float))
(let ((names (loop for tp in '(short-float single-float double-float long-float)
when (typep val tp)
collect tp)))
(1 `(eql ,val))
(1 `(member ,val))
(1 (random-from-seq names))
(1 (if (>= val 0)
`(,(random-from-seq names) ,(float 0 val) ,val)
`(,(random-from-seq names) ,val ,(float 0 val)))))))
(defun make-random-array-dimension-spec (array dim-index)
(assert (<= 0 dim-index))
(assert (< dim-index (array-rank array)))
(let ((dim (array-dimension array dim-index)))
(rcase (1 '*) (1 dim))))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val bit-vector))
(1 (let ((root (if (and (coin)
(typep val 'simple-bit-vector))
(rcase (1 root)
(1 `(,root))
(3 `(,root ,(make-random-array-dimension-spec val 0))))))
(2 (call-next-method))))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val vector))
(2 (let ((root 'vector)
(alt-root (if (and (coin) (simple-vector-p val)) 'simple-vector 'vector))
(etype (rcase (1 '*)
(1 (array-element-type val))
;; Add rule for creating new element types?
(rcase (1 alt-root)
(1 `(,alt-root))
(1 `(,root ,etype))
(2 (if (and (simple-vector-p val) (coin))
`(simple-vector ,(make-random-array-dimension-spec val 0))
`(,root ,etype ,(make-random-array-dimension-spec val 0)))))))
(3 (call-next-method))))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val array))
(let ((root (if (and (coin) (typep val 'simple-array)) 'simple-array 'array))
(etype (rcase (1 (array-element-type val)) (1 '*)))
(rank (array-rank val)))
(1 root)
(1 `(,root))
(1 `(,root ,etype))
(1 `(,root ,etype ,(loop for i below rank collect (make-random-array-dimension-spec val i))))
(1 `(,root ,etype ,(loop for i below rank collect (array-dimension val i))))
(1 `(,root ,etype ,rank)))))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val string))
(1 (let ((root (if (and (coin)
(typep val 'simple-string))
(rcase (1 root)
(1 `(,root))
(3 `(,root ,(make-random-array-dimension-spec val 0))))))
(2 (call-next-method))))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val cons))
(3 'cons)
(2 'list)
(1 `(cons ,(make-random-type-containing (car val))))
(1 `(cons t ,(make-random-type-containing (cdr val))))
(1 t)))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val complex))
(1 'complex)
(1 'number)
#-gcl (1 `(complex ,(upgraded-complex-part-type (type-of (realpart val)))))
(1 `(eql ,val))))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val generic-function))
(1 'generic-function)
(1 (call-next-method))))
(defmethod make-random-type-containing ((val function))
(1 'function)
(1 (if (typep val 'compiled-function)
(1 t)))
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