Commit ef8f5d60 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Add a test for when a method is added on top of an existing method.

parent dd3d0fe8
......@@ -102,3 +102,32 @@
(funcall gf2 0)))
a b t t b b a)
;;; An existing method is replaced.
(deftest add-method.2
(let* ((specializers (list (find-class 'integer)))
(gf (eval '(defgeneric add-method-gf-15 (x)
(:method ((x integer)) 'a)
(:method ((x t)) 'b))))
(method (find-method gf nil specializers))
(gf2 (eval '(defgeneric add-method-gf-16 (x)
(:method ((x integer)) 'c)
(:method ((x t)) 'd))))
(method2 (find-method gf2 nil specializers)))
(funcall gf 0)
(funcall gf 'x)
(funcall gf2 0)
(funcall gf2 'x)
(eqt gf (remove-method gf method))
(eqt gf2 (add-method gf2 method))
(eqt method (find-method gf2 nil specializers))
(eqt method2 (find-method gf2 nil specializers))
(funcall gf 0)
(funcall gf 'x)
(funcall gf2 0)
(funcall gf2 'x)))
a b c d t t t nil b b a d)
;;; Must add tests for: :around methods, :before methods, :after methods,
;;; nonstandard method combinations
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