Commit f37fb3d7 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Added more THE tests, including one from a known SBCL bug.

parent 968f13b9
......@@ -116,3 +116,27 @@
(deftest the.18
(the (values symbol integer &rest t) (values 'a 1 'foo '(x y)))
a 1 foo (x y))
(deftest the.19
(let () (list (the (values) (eval '(values)))))
;;; This is from SBCL bug 261
(deftest the.20
(let () (list (the (values &optional fixnum) (eval '(values)))))
(deftest the.21
(let () (list (the (values &rest t) (eval '(values)))))
(deftest the.22
(the (values symbol integer &rest t) (eval '(values 'a 1 'foo '(x y))))
a 1 foo (x y))
(deftest the.23
(the (values symbol integer &optional fixnum) (eval '(values 'a 1))))
(a 1))
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