Commit fef8e967 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz
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Hooks for randomized testing of calls to two-place integer functions, with type declarations.

parent 47787e31
......@@ -276,8 +276,22 @@
(,op x y)))
(fn (compile nil source)))
(loop for i below niters
for x = (random-from-interval xhi xlo)
for y = (random-from-interval yhi ylo)
for x = (random-from-interval (1+ xhi) xlo)
for y = (random-from-interval (1+ yhi) ylo)
unless (eql (funcall (the symbol op) x y)
(funcall fn x y))
collect (list x y))))
(defun test-log-op (op n1 n2)
(flet ((%r () (let ((r (random 33)))
(- (random (ash 1 (1+ r))) (ash 1 r)))))
(loop for x1 = (%r)
for x2 = (%r)
for y1 = (%r)
for y2 = (%r)
repeat n1
(test-log-op-with-decls op
(min x1 x2) (max x1 x2)
(min y1 y2) (max y1 y2)
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