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      untabify · c7bcc4fa
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      Tests updates due to feedback from Martin Simmons. · 443737cd
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        Added more error tests for assoc/assoc-if/assoc-if-not.
        Annotated standardized package nickname tests.
        Removed test that assumed REPEAT loop clause could appear
         later in the loop (too many complaints about this, and the standard
         is inconsistent.)
        Added tests for LOOP ... SUM into various types.  I didn't add
         some COMPLEX tests here that were suggested, since I didn't think
         they were correct.  I am really not liking the (complex rat 0) ==> rat
         rule of CL complex numbers.
        Changed "RT" to "REGRESSION-TEST" in a test in packages-03.lsp.
        Fixed error report in random remove test so it works better with delete.
        Changed :metaclass in substandard-generic-function (I am still not
         entirely convinced this is correct.)
  7. 17 Nov, 2002 2 commits