Commit 32544d61 authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański

restruct: move iteration tests to separate directory

Signed-off-by: Daniel Kochmański's avatarDaniel Kochmański <>
parent 16a5aa75
;;; Tests of iteration forms
;;(load "iteration.lsp")
(load "do.lsp")
(load "dostar.lsp")
(load "dolist.lsp")
(load "dotimes.lsp")
(load "loop.lsp")
(load "loop1.lsp")
(load "loop2.lsp")
(load "loop3.lsp")
(load "loop4.lsp")
(load "loop5.lsp")
(load "loop6.lsp")
(load "loop7.lsp")
(load "loop8.lsp")
(load "loop9.lsp")
(load "loop10.lsp")
(load "loop11.lsp")
(load "loop12.lsp")
(load "loop13.lsp")
(load "loop14.lsp")
(load "loop15.lsp")
(load "loop16.lsp")
(load "loop17.lsp")
(load "iteration/do.lsp")
(load "iteration/dostar.lsp")
(load "iteration/dolist.lsp")
(load "iteration/dotimes.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop1.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop2.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop3.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop4.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop5.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop6.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop7.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop8.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop9.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop10.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop11.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop12.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop13.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop14.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop15.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop16.lsp")
(load "iteration/loop17.lsp")
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