Commit c90ca843 authored by pfdietz's avatar pfdietz

Added six tests that came up in random testing of subtypep.

parent c07e2ddf
......@@ -220,6 +220,15 @@ Results: ~A~%" expected-number form n results))))
`(((SUBTYPEP ,type1 ,type2) cl-user::==> ,sub ,valid))
(defun subtypep-and-contrapositive-are-consistent (t1 t2)
(multiple-value-bind (sub1 success1)
(subtypep* t1 t2)
(multiple-value-bind (sub2 success2)
(subtypep* `(not ,t2) `(not ,t1))
(or (not success1)
(not success2)
(eqlt sub1 sub2)))))
(defun check-type-predicate (P TYPE)
"Check that a predicate P is the same as #'(lambda (x) (typep x TYPE))
by applying both to all elements of *UNIVERSE*. Print message
......@@ -212,3 +212,55 @@
'(cons single-float integer)
'(or (cons single-float fixnum) (cons single-float bignum)))
;;; More test cases from SBCL, CMUCL, culled from random test failures
(deftest subtype.cons.23
(let ((t1 '(cons t (cons (not long-float) symbol)))
(t2 '(not (cons symbol (cons integer integer)))))
(subtypep-and-contrapositive-are-consistent t1 t2))
(deftest subtype.cons.24
(let ((t1 '(cons (eql 3671) (cons short-float (eql -663423073525))))
(t2 '(not (cons t (cons (not complex) (cons integer t))))))
(subtypep-and-contrapositive-are-consistent t1 t2))
(deftest subtype.cons.25
(let ((t1 '(cons t (cons (not long-float) (integer 44745969 61634129))))
(t2 '(not (cons (eql -3) (cons short-float (cons t float))))))
(subtypep-and-contrapositive-are-consistent t1 t2))
(deftest subtype.cons.26
(let ((t1 '(cons integer (cons single-float (cons t t))))
(t2 '(cons t (cons (not complex) (not (eql 8))))))
(subtypep-and-contrapositive-are-consistent t1 t2))
(deftest subtype.cons.27
(let ((t1 '(cons (not (integer -27 30))
(cons rational (cons integer integer))))
(t2 '(not (cons integer (cons integer (eql 378132631))))))
(subtypep-and-contrapositive-are-consistent t1 t2))
(deftest subtype.cons.28
(let ((t1 '(cons (integer -1696888 -1460338)
(cons single-float symbol)))
(t2 '(not (cons (not (integer -14 20))
(cons (not integer) cons)))))
(subtypep-and-contrapositive-are-consistent t1 t2))
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