Commit 03979ade authored by Karsten Poeck's avatar Karsten Poeck
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Use strcat, minmized whitespace changes and statement reorderings as requested by review comment

parent d05e3333
......@@ -688,19 +688,19 @@ it will filter them appropriately."
(or output-file
(apply 'compile-file-pathname* input-file :output-file output-file keywords)))
(physical-output-file (physicalize-pathname output-file))
(tmp-file (tmpize-pathname physical-output-file))
#+(or clasp ecl)
(unless (use-ecl-byte-compiler-p)
(or object-file
#+ecl (compile-file-pathname output-file :type :object)
#+clasp (compile-file-pathname output-file :output-type :object))))
(tmp-object-file (compile-file-pathname tmp-file :output-type :object))
(or object-file
(compile-file-pathname output-file :fasl-p nil)))
(tmp-file (tmpize-pathname physical-output-file))
(tmp-object-file (compile-file-pathname tmp-file :output-type :object))
(cfasl-file (etypecase emit-cfasl
(null nil)
......@@ -740,8 +740,7 @@ it will filter them appropriately."
#+(or clasp ecl mkcl)
(when (and #+(or clasp ecl) object-file)
(setf output-truename
(compiler::build-fasl tmp-file
#+(or clasp ecl) :lisp-files #+mkcl :lisp-object-files (list #+clasp tmp-object-file #-clasp object-file))))
(or (not compile-check)
(apply compile-check input-file
......@@ -760,8 +759,8 @@ it will filter them appropriately."
;;; the following 4 rename-file-overwriting-target better be atomic, but we can't implement this right now
(let ((temp-dwarf (pathname (concatenate 'string (namestring output-truename) ".dwarf")))
(target-dwarf (pathname (concatenate 'string (namestring physical-output-file) ".dwarf"))))
(let ((temp-dwarf (pathname (strcat (namestring output-truename) ".dwarf")))
(target-dwarf (pathname (strcat (namestring physical-output-file) ".dwarf"))))
(when (probe-file temp-dwarf)
(rename-file-overwriting-target temp-dwarf target-dwarf)))
;;; need to rename the bc or ll file as well or test-bundle.script fails
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