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Doc: Use @deftp for built-in operations and components instead of @deffn

and use @deftpx syntax to include these classes into the index.
parent d0a452d1
......@@ -2198,8 +2198,8 @@ discuss these in turn below.
Operations are invoked on systems via @code{operate}.
@deffn {Generic function} @code{operate} @var{operation} @var{component} @Arest{} @var{initargs} @Akey{} @code{force} @code{force-not} @code{verbose} @AallowOtherKeys
@deffnx {Generic function} @code{oos} @var{operation} @var{component} @Arest{} @var{initargs} @Akey{} @AallowOtherKeys{}
@deffn {Generic function} operate @var{operation} @var{component} @Arest{} @var{initargs} @Akey{} @code{force} @code{force-not} @code{verbose} @AallowOtherKeys
@deffnx {Generic function} oos @var{operation} @var{component} @Arest{} @var{initargs} @Akey{} @AallowOtherKeys{}
@code{operate} invokes @var{operation} on @var{system}.
@code{oos} is a synonym for @code{operate} (it stands for operate-on-system).
......@@ -2251,7 +2251,7 @@ To see what @code{operate} would do, you can use:
@end deffn
@defun @code{make-operation} @var{operation-class} @Arest{} @var{initargs}
@defun make-operation @var{operation-class} @Arest{} @var{initargs}
The @var{initargs} are passed to @code{make-instance} call
......@@ -2270,8 +2270,6 @@ instances will cause a run-time error.
@node Predefined operations of ASDF, Creating new operations, Operations, Operations
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@subsection Predefined operations of ASDF
@c FIXME: All these deffn's should be replaced with deftyp. Also, we
@c should set up an appropriate index.
All the operations described in this section are in the @code{asdf} package.
They are invoked via the @code{operate} generic function.
......@@ -2280,7 +2278,7 @@ They are invoked via the @code{operate} generic function.
(asdf:operate 'asdf:@var{operation-name} :@var{system-name} @{@var{operation-options ...}@})
@end lisp
@deffn Operation @code{compile-op}
@deftp Operation compile-op
This operation compiles the specified component.
A @code{cl-source-file} will be @code{compile-file}'d.
......@@ -2295,9 +2293,9 @@ all these dependencies will be loaded as well as compiled;
yet, some parts of the system main remain unloaded,
because nothing depends on them.
Use @code{load-op} to load a system.
@end deffn
@end deftp
@deffn Operation @code{load-op}
@deftp Operation load-op
This operation loads the compiled code for a specified component.
A @code{cl-source-file} will have its compiled fasl @code{load}ed,
......@@ -2308,27 +2306,28 @@ which fasl is the output of @code{compile-op} that @code{load-op} depends on.
@code{load-op} also depends on @code{prepare-op} which
itself depends on a @code{load-op} of all of a component's dependencies,
as well as of its parent's dependencies.
@end deffn
@end deftp
@deffn Operation @code{prepare-op}
@deftp Operation prepare-op
This operation ensures that the dependencies of a component
and its recursive parents are loaded (as per @code{load-op}),
as a prerequisite before @code{compile-op} and @code{load-op} operations
may be performed on a given component.
@end deffn
@end deftp
@deffn Operation @code{load-source-op}, @code{prepare-source-op}
@deftp Operation load-source-op
@deftpx Operation prepare-source-op
@code{load-source-op} will load the source for the files in a module
rather than the compiled fasl output.
It has a @code{prepare-source-op} analog to @code{prepare-op},
that ensures the dependencies are themselves loaded via @code{load-source-op}.
@end deffn
@end deftp
@deffn Operation @code{test-op}
@deftp Operation test-op
This operation will perform some tests on the module.
The default method will do nothing.
......@@ -2376,11 +2375,22 @@ Then one defines @code{perform} methods on
@end lisp
@end deffn
@end deftp
@deffn Operation @code{compile-bundle-op}, @code{monolithic-compile-bundle-op}, @code{load-bundle-op}, @code{monolithic-load-bundle-op}, @code{deliver-asd-op}, @code{monolithic-deliver-asd-op}, @code{lib-op}, @code{monolithic-lib-op}, @code{dll-op}, @code{monolithic-dll-op}, @code{image-op}, @code{program-op}
@deftp Operation compile-bundle-op
@deftpx Operation monolithic-compile-bundle-op
@deftpx Operation load-bundle-op
@deftpx Operation monolithic-load-bundle-op
@deftpx Operation deliver-asd-op
@deftpx Operation monolithic-deliver-asd-op
@deftpx Operation lib-op
@deftpx Operation monolithic-lib-op
@deftpx Operation dll-op
@deftpx Operation monolithic-dll-op
@deftpx Operation image-op
@deftpx Operation program-op
These are ``bundle'' operations, that can create a single-file ``bundle''
for all the contents of each system in an application,
......@@ -2469,9 +2479,16 @@ unless the operation is equal to
the @code{:build-operation} argument to @code{defsystem}.
This behaviour is not very satisfactory and may change in the future.
Maybe you have suggestions on how to better configure it?
@end deffn
@end deftp
@deffn Operation @code{concatenate-source-op}, @code{monolithic-concatenate-source-op}, @code{load-concatenated-source-op}, @code{compile-concatenated-source-op}, @code{load-compiled-concatenated-source-op}, @code{monolithic-load-concatenated-source-op}, @code{monolithic-compile-concatenated-source-op}, @code{monolithic-load-compiled-concatenated-source-op}
@deftp Operation concatenate-source-op
@deftpx Operation monolithic-concatenate-source-op
@deftpx Operation load-concatenated-source-op
@deftpx Operation compile-concatenated-source-op
@deftpx Operation load-compiled-concatenated-source-op
@deftpx Operation monolithic-load-concatenated-source-op
@deftpx Operation monolithic-compile-concatenated-source-op
@deftpx Operation monolithic-load-compiled-concatenated-source-op
These operations, as their respective names indicate,
will concatenate all the @code{cl-source-file} source files in a system
......@@ -2487,7 +2504,7 @@ ASDF itself is delivered as a single source file this way,
using @code{monolithic-concatenate-source-op},
prepending a prelude and the @code{uiop} library
before the @code{asdf/defsystem} system itself.
@end deffn
@end deftp
@node Creating new operations, , Predefined operations of ASDF, Operations
......@@ -3086,7 +3103,7 @@ so use symbols or keywords or something.
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@subsection Pre-defined subclasses of component
@deffn Component source-file
@deftp Component source-file
A source file is any file that the system does not know how to
generate from other components of the system.
......@@ -3103,9 +3120,9 @@ these do count as source files for our purposes.
Subclasses of source-file exist for various languages.
@emph{FIXME: describe these.}
@end deffn
@end deftp
@deffn Component module
@deftp Component module
A module is a collection of sub-components.
......@@ -3138,9 +3155,9 @@ most operations will not need to provide methods specialised on modules.
@code{module} may be subclassed to represent components such as
foreign-language linked libraries or archive files.
@end deffn
@end deftp
@deffn Component system
@deftp Component system
@code{system} is a subclass of @code{module}.
......@@ -3150,7 +3167,7 @@ purposes; these are given elsewhere.
Users can create new classes for their systems:
the default @code{defsystem} macro takes a @code{:class} keyword argument.
@end deffn
@end deftp
@node Creating new component types, , Pre-defined subclasses of component, Components
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
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